Laptop Needed! Halp please?

As some of you people know I don’t have a high income. In fact I feel I have a pretty lousy income. You may also know I often frequent events in other countries where I do presentations. Last year I still had a fairly decent laptop. Then I went to Tenerife for a project and one morning my laptop was just dead. The Tenerife adventure “didn’t really work for me”, so the nett effect was a loss of a laptop. That sucked pretty badly.

So now I am turning to my close to 1000 followers of Facebook and other social media with a plea for help. Without a laptop as a travel tool I regard myself as handicapped.

1. Can you all make me some suggestions on what laptop I should aim for .. (I am mostly windows compatible only)
2. Can people help me with some financial support for requisitioning a fresh laptop, *or* maybe has a spare “fairly robust” device she or he isn’t using and is willing to part on my behalf?

If people make me consistent suggestions (I am not very technical) and I get people making a promise for a donation I could (for example) put the most suitable laptop in my amazon wish list.

Sadly I have chosen not to use Paypal, a choice which was largely unavoidable.

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