WR09 : The Death of the Human Soul

Update: Postponed from 3 july to 10 july because of yesterday’s partying.

I am going to make a point for the next installment of White Rabbit. This argument is not intended discriminatory. I am not “blaming” anyone. I am just making an observation.

NOON (1200SLT), Sunday 10 July 2011, another “white Rabbit”. This is the 9th installment of “white rabbit”, the almost-weekly presentation on matters pertaining to escalatory (or escalatory) accumulative technological change. Read the synopsis of “white rabbit events” here please before you proceed. I will hold this presentation at the “Sunkilller Citadel” owned by Miss Ivy Sunkiller. That’s right here.

Update: Still remains the invitation insistence to visit my site where you will see (next to the AdSense bar which I will under no circumstances ask you to press) a +1 google button… I strongly invite you all to press and Fav that. In fact why don’t you all press the Tweet, Share and Like buttons as well, like as in pretty please with sugar on top?

Also if you have suggestions regarding my site feel free to email them to me. Yes I am aware in smaller screen sizes my site looks positively catastrophic but I am working to resolve such and such.

Disaclaimer: This event in delinquent may fill to capacity due to land constraints. The plan is to hold this additional event just before Extropia’s one, every Tuesday, with a half hour in between. I implore all to make donations to my landlady, Miss [laserhop rothschild] and the other landlady [ivy sunkiller].

Disaclaimer: Yes it is true – future events at another sim will be PG. That means – no sexual references, no sexual activities, ‘PG’ clothes, If events take place at “the other sim” (which is by no means sure – I may have soiled my reputation and credibility beyond repair) this is a hard rule – anyone who breaks it will be booted immediately.

Today: between 1200 and 1330 I will make a point about what is happening in the ‘post-industrial’ worlds – specifically Europe, the US and Japan. But you can see this everywhere. And what if I am right? There would be absolutely no solution. Politicians will never listen to my assessment and even if they’d never agree with my solution.