List of Religions That Can be Found Mostly All Throughout The Kingdom

Daevon (critically important religion)

Galton (very important religion)

The King (critically important religion)

Alalvar (critically important religion)

Heiegos (very important but restricted religion)

Begoth (very important religion)

Cybele (important, family religion)

Aerond (legal, important religion)

Shinthai (major religion)

Divrith (iconic, mostly legal white trash religion)

Eltmann (minor religion)

The Goddess (minor religion, very important in the western regions)

Dulmar (minor religion)

Almirean (sanctioned iconic discipline goddess, synonymous with the inner Kingdom)

Hecate (minor, only locally legal religion)

Gural (widely feared, deeply illegal religion)

Henil (obscure fertility religion, widely accepted)

Lolth (obscure illegal underworld religion)

Lilith (obscure, mostly illegal, very predominant in folklore)

Avanith (minor, legal religion)

Slaroth (mostly illegal, rarely tolerated)

Ashillas (marginal religion)

Cerberoth, Xerberoth (Demonic religion, completely illegal)

The Source (Deeply Illegal)

The Abyss (Deeply Illegal)

The Vortex (Deeply Illegal)

The Void (Deeply Illegal)

The Curse (Deeply Illegal)

The Gate and the Key (Deeply Illegal)