An extremely big problem for the Kingdom – an open, proud and extremely powerful, pro-female, pro-Raell witches cover smack in the Heart of the Kingdom. Nonindashu is a beautiful set of gothic palaces deep in the woods of Seven Witches Covens, and it’s power casts a dark shadow on the greater region. To make matters worse, the witches of Nonidashu are known to wield spells that specifically turn men into women, irreversibly, and they have schemingly uses this spell on their enemies. Nonidashu primarily trains Witches, with a very small amount of Magicians and Priestesses. Nonidashu closely collaborates with the nearby Grey Phetikalia. 

In the forbidding wild woods of  Seven Witches Coven, this magical guild casts a bittersweet spell on the surrounding Kingdom. The inner realms of Nonidashu are serene and safe but around the Chantry in the deep, dark and forbidding woods roam severeal types of creatures of a magical origin that defy explanation.The only downside is that there’s strong clusters of Paradox Storms in the area that are kept contained but still leek their metaphysical poison.

  1. About a hundred spellcasting witches dwell in or near Nonidashu, as well as other spellcasting Career types.
  2. About two hundred spellcasting witches dwell in Seven Witches Coven, as well as maybe a dozen Magicians, Druids and Priestesses.
  3. And and all Warlocks as well as Alalvarite dedicated spellcasters suffer up to DOUBLE paradox in the inner regions around Nonidashu.
  4. Nonidashu is intensely hated by Alalvarites and exists in a state of cold war with any and all such.
  5. Nonidashu is riddled with small pockets or Paradox storms that need constant attention to be kept static.
  6. There is minor dissent between some witches in the woods and the nearby Grey chantry but both deeply depend on one another.
  7. The Chantry owns at least one Warm Winds Levitic and possibly several other screw galleons.
  8. The chantry is riddled with Feminists, Lesbians and pro-Raellians.
  9. The Chantry is able to (at a high cost) produce a synthetic variant of one of the component of Elixer Vitae, and thus is of critical importance.