Any time the sabbat establish an “acknowledged” or “chartered” communal Haven numbering 13 or over, it is assumed one Sabbat Vampire or Ghoul is annointed as the one specifically overseeing the Haven. Such a position is honorable to the Sabbat and aggresion to an Abbot (or Prior) is regarded as a serious challenge.


Carreb is a manifested nightmare for the Camarilla and Invictus of Western Europe. Currently Carreb is believed to inhabit the Sabbat position of Archbishop. His Domain is delineated as Belgium and the Netherlands. His whereabouts are unknown, the time of his embrace must have been no later than the late 1970s, his lineage in doubt, […]

ABN – Paradigm

Let’s make a comparison. In the familiar setting of World of Darkness games all participants are constantly vying for attention. They exaggerate their characters, aiming for massive drama and impact. This tends to create an exceptionally unsubtle race towards the bottom. Before long half the characters have horns, carry demon-haunted LARP around swords, all wear […]


Clan – Daeva Alignment – Camarilla, moderately Invictus Status – Elder Inception – (estimate) 1987 Generation – (estimate) 9 Havens – Wassenaar Lagartija of the ABN setting is unavailable as sire or chaacter, as it pertains to a former participant of a previous setting who died while backpacking in India around 2014-2015.  The vampire character […]


Berlin is a staunch bulwark controlled by the old Camarilla and one of the most stable strongholds of vampire control.  The reasons for this are intricate and large based on a solid collaborative undestanding between various factions. Berlin Continental


A l t i s s i m a    T a b u l a After the attempt to civilize the sociey of Vampires all but failed in the second half of the 20th century, the Camarilla became a hollowed out shell of its former self, and much of the financial investments, banking assets, […]


A list of known Covenants Anarch – Anarch/Carthians – Anarch/Ministry – Anarch/VampireNation Camarilla – Camarilla/Carthians – Camarilla/CircleOfTheCrone – Camarilla/Invictus – Camarilla/LanceaSanctum – Camarilla/OrdoDracul – Camarilla/TheCompany Illuminatus Inconnu – Inconnu/Academi – Inconnu/Ordo Dracul – Inconnu/Stygians Sabbat – Sabbat/Bahari – Sabbat/Cathari – Sabbat/Ferals – Sabbat/Heretics – Sabbat/Martyrs – Sabbat/Necronomists – Sabbat/Noddists – Sabbat/Stalkers -Sabbat/Panders – Sabbat/Patriots – […]

ABN – Generations

Blood Strength or “Generation” There is little evidence for the idea that there was a first Vampire, consequently, that there as an “Antedeluvian” generation of vampires. The common thesis, most heard narrative, is that Vampires either originated from the practices of The First Witch, Lilith, who was banished from paradise – according to a number […]

ABN – Continental Hotel

A relatively new concept in Vampire society, the idea of a “Continental Hotel” is established as a safe Haven for guests, was instituted primarily as a triangular institute guaranteed by Invictus, the Camarilla, The Black Hand and Giovanni clans.  The Institute is very rarely challenged – no violence may be conducted at Continental grounds. The […]

ABN – Gold Coin

Vampires have been using a universal coinage of commerce for hundreds of years. This coin is not stricly a value item – it’s offering and acceptance signifies a social contract and guarantee rather than a quantified exchange of value.

Amsterdam By Night – Assumptions

ASSUMPTIONS OF THE SETTING Territory – the narrative assumes that Amsterdam is the main domain of a limited number (under 20) very powerful (NPC) vampires ranging in Age from 550 to 125, and in Generation from 6 to 10. At the start of the game these are NPC’s, but as each player can assume (or bestow on […]

Amsterdam By Night

This page is a preliminary placeholder place for research/brainstoring purposes to develop a finely tuned Live Action Roleplaying Game set in A msterdam, loosely based on White Wolf’s Vampire Masquerade “Woreld of Darkness” LARP game. The premise of the game is that in an alternate reality there’s an different Amsterdam that is inhabited by well […]


Known Knowns: The alleged (and this is by no means confirmed) Alastar of the city of Amsterdam and surrounding territories is a secret emissary of the Prince. This person is an albinoid male, visible age late 20s, alleged embrace date 1928 in Greater London, alleged lineage Caitiff (although he is associated with the Daeva), alleged […]


Known knowns: The Prince (Or Princess?)and absolute authority in the city is an as yet undisclosed (unknown) Daeva of generation 6, alleged to be currently in a state of Ennui. He or she is assumed to be active part of The Invictus.  Allowed Clans: Currently the Princely decree is only Daeva, Mekhet, Nosferatu, Ventrue are allowed […]


Y E A R L Y   E L Y S I U M Every year all kindred of the Sophrosyne are more or less strictly obliged to attend the two Elysian events. These take place in a public location, a wellknown party events of an adult character in this location. All who attend make their […]


The Path of Harmony is a mental framework that maximizes agency for a vampire, but consequently carries a the burden of compelling edicts, sins, urges, prejudices, vulnerabilities, fears. This path is used by the Sabbat in lieux of Humanitas. Harmonists embrace the instinctive qualities of the beast as the quintessential nature of the vampire. The […]


Law & Crime The King’s Law The Law on the King’s Road The Aristocracy The Nobility The Gentry Citizenships Civilians Freefolk Villainy Vagrants, Vagabonds and Travellers  Peony Serfitude Slavery Dukal Law Amendments Crimes and Punishment Abuse Adutery Arson Assault Avoiding Punishment Banditry Battery Bagging Betrayal Bigamy Blackmail Blasphemy Breach of Contract Bribing an Official Bullying […]


The Kingdom is a stratified history where people have markedly socially defined rights based on their immediately recognizable position in society. If a person’s position is in doubt, dubious or the person is not immediately known (or “vouched for”) this reflects in some levels of suspicion. There is a lot of necessary traffic for trade, […]


Ranged Weapons Arquebus ../ Composite Long bow ../ Composite Short bow ../ Crossbow ../ Dart Javelin Musquet ../ Longbow ../ Shortbow ../ Shuriken Sling Spear  


Leather Cuir Bouilli Ringmail Brigandine Quilted Scale Mail Banded Mail Plate Mail Harness   * [ Gambeson] * [ Scale Mail] * [ Chainmail] * [ Maximillian Armor] * [ Brigandine] * [ Boiled Leather] * [ Studded Leather Armor] * [ Quilted Armor] * [ Ashigaru Armor] * [ O-Yori Armor] * [ Jazeraint […]


A Academician Acolyte Acrobat Adept Aerine Agitator Alchemyst Alchemyst’s Apprentice Alienist Ambassador Anti-Paladin Apprentice Arcanist Archer Archmage Aristocrat Arrikhan Artificer Artisan Artisan’s Apprentice Assassin Avenger B Bandit Barbarian Bard Baron Bawd Beastmaster Bee Keeper Beggar Berserker Blackguard Blood Hunter Boatman Bodyguard Brawler Brute C Caravaneer Carnie Catamite Cavalier Charlatan Challenger Citizen Civilian Commoner Consul Courtesane […]


List of Religions That Can be Found Mostly All Throughout The Kingdom Daevon (critically important religion) Galton (very important religion) The King (critically important religion) Alalvar (critically important religion) Heiegos (very important but restricted religion) Begoth (very important religion) Cybele (important, family religion) Aerond (legal, important religion) Shinthai (major religion) Divrith (iconic, mostly legal white […]


Melee Weapons Axes ../Battle Axe (d6) –  Damage:5 – Price:10P ../Dane Axe (d6) ../Francisca (d6) ../Hatchet (d8) ../Ono () ../Panabas (d8) ../Pickaxe (d4) ../Tomahawk (d8) ../Viking Axe (d) ../Yue (d6) Martial Arts Weapons ../Duck Blade (d) Smashing Weapons ../Baseball Bat (d10) ../Baton (d10) ../Cosh (d8) ../Club (d8) ../Cudgel (d8) ../Flail, twohanded (d6) ../Flail. Onehanded (d8) […]