White Rabbit 08 : Marketable Patchwork Girls

at NOON (1200SLT), Sunday 5 june 2011, another “white Rabbit”. This is the 8th installment of “white rabbit”, the almost-weekly presentation on matters pertaining to escalatory (or escalatory) accumulative technological change. Read the synopsis of “white rabbit events” here please before you proceed. I will hold this presentation at the “Sunkilller Citadel” owned by Miss Ivy Sunkiller. That’s right here.

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In an old short story by Larry Niven the main character meets an old friend, one of those ‘damaged goods” cock tease girls that are so beautiful it’s just unholy. Girls so pretty they run into one abuser after another and end up with a personality disorder, or lesbian, or both.

Disaclaimer: This event may fill to capacity due to land constraints! If we have severe overflow issues, next meetings I might convene in public Linden Land. Also, please consider making L$ donations to me [khannea suntzu], to the landlady [laserhop rothschild] and the other landlady [ivy sunkiller]. Also consider making micro-donations to my paypal [khannea.suntzu@hahah.nl] or to my BitCoin, using 1FMovDRVxjspBo7Cwsf2ZFoXrJcrxv7owW. Thanks for any, can sure use em. If 20 people show up and they all pitch me a euro I’d have twice as much to eat that week 🙂

Spoiler: The story is based on several interesting premises – a man is shot with a laser while standing naked in his apartment looking out on a window – on the moon. Lasers have ‘features’ which makes the identificable, qv ballistics, and the impact was odd. The shooter was outside. The only one known to be outside at the time was one Naomi – a breathtakingly beautiful girl. She is arrested and, as is common in a world under UN law with 18 billion humans, placed in suspended animation detention. Her sentence for murder entails a death penalty – and there is much demand for her organs with a steadily aging population of about a century from now. It turns out Naomi was out there for another reason – she had herself cloned illegally (another crime for which there is a death penalty) but before she can be freed from prison, she finds someone ‘needed her organs in a hurry’. She is released from prison, healthy, but with replacement parts – a patchwork girl – and her subtle, haunting beauty is now gone. Naomi then emigrates to the belt, where in Niven’s setting bout a million people live by then.

The story was published in 1986 and while still very good, in just 25 years it has become outdated.

One feature by which is outdated is the Organbanks. Larry Niven’s ‘known space’ used the whole organbanks as a major plotline that ran for centuries. Between the mid 21st century and some time after the vicious Man-Kzin wars, humanity overbreeds to 18 billion humans on Earth, and has to use rather severe international law (and death penalties) to constraint further population growth. All the time humans grow older, but they do require replacement organs – and in Niven’s setting there is only one sure way to get them in required numbers – from convicted criminals. Larry Niven, a pretty draconian Libertarian, kicks the shits out of this trope by eventualy having repeat traffic offenders become subject to a death penalty, all because the aging majority electorate of a democratic Earth needs more organs, in a hurry.

It turns out this future will be aborted.

I call for a wider debate about one development which has been in the news a lot, and that’s Organ Printing using a “bio reactor“.

The questions I will look at this Sunday are

1. What incremental consecutive stages of bioprinting will/should/might follow in what order?
2. What development in bioprinting will be probably in what year
3. What developments in bioprinting will contribute to life extension, and to what degree, and start in what years.
4. What will various ‘stepping stone applications’ of bioprinting for life extension.
4b. what will be the dangerous age categories for these technologies – “what is too old to benefit” ?
5. How do pluripotent stem cells have an effect on the applications of bioprinting.
6. Should we destroy the catholic church ‘just to make sure’ ?
7. Can certain aspects of our current economic system, our corporate sector, government, prejudice hold back desired developments in this kind of bioprinting?
7b. Is this a development that makes people squasmish (idontwannathinkaboutit) and hence people tend to ignore it till its too late.
7c. If we are slow in maturing these technologies, how many people will have died before these technologies mature?
8. What are the realistic (as opposed to cinematic) applications of bioprinted organs that may be declared illegal?
9. Can organs be printed with markedly new functionality, and what “stepping stone” examples of such applications can we expect in what years?
10. Can organs have markedly different genetic qualities,
11. How fast can we start replacing ‘sizeable parts of the human body’ in a masspoduced, widespread, fairly comfortable and affordable manner?
12. Can printed organs by hybridized with cybernetic parts anhd to what degree?
13. Can we eventually start replacing neurology in this manner and on what timescales.
14. Is this the ‘primary’ reason for hope for life extension/rejuvenation or is this one card in a deck?
15. WHAT IF this gets out of hand and we have major and totally unexpected advances in this field in the next 10-15 years? (speculative)
16. When will this allow widespread marketization of beautiful and persistently immor(t)al furries, succubi and futanari? Mermaids?