What is the problem?

The success of modernity is by and large mass-production. The total utility of a society where goods are mass produced (while it doesn’t always produce healthy conditions…) does produce very cheap goods, especially where information technology-based products and sound engineering are involved. The last decades have seen unprecedented societal growth and increase in well-being, precisely based on means of production based on generalization. And that is set to only get better as we introduce new means of production. Like – nanotechnology, biotechnology, robotics, etc.

However this darling progress has been hacked and hijacked by sinister forces. The geofinancial-industrial complex has tilted the scales since the early 1980s and progress, increase of productiveness, new technologies and advances in efficiency have not resulted in higher wages. This decay is a malignant political artifact, where a small and largely unaccountable elite in cahoots with our governments through a complex dance of shills, enablers, flatterers and lobbyists back and forth, has levied more and more money from the real people in to the hands of the ivory tower people.

There’s a disease that works in much the same manner and it’s called cancer.

We are left with is a pathologically rigged game and as a result we are seeing the dual paradigm of capitalism and democracy, with all its blessings, being dismantled in favor of privilege. Anyone with a penny of sense must acknowledge this is an act of war. It is designed. It isn’t even class warfare, as clearly a very small portion at the top is playing all societal strata and classes against one another.

So libertarians, statists, progressives and fiscal conservatives CAN all be right at the same time. Yes middle classes and wages are shrinking – Yes states are experiencing an arterial bleeding of entitlements. YES military imperial spending is through the roof. It is an orgy of elitist pork and 99% of people (i.e. people reading this diatribe) are left to hold the (empty) bag when this system comes crashing down.

The ultimate meaning of democracy is as a system of insurances (not assurances) against predation of the powerful. Tyranny is nothing more than allowing the hyper-entitled free reign – it doesn’t matter if the tyrant is King George, Stalin, The Sun King, A politburo, Mussolini, Saddam or some Czar. It’s always the same – people have no say and they get crushed by some career psychopath in favor of his and the small clique that actively supports him. And the clique currently forming in the western world and the US is PRETTY DAMN well armed and ruthless.

This won’t end well. In fact this seems to be a pretty damn good way to completely fuck over any chance on a Singularity since tyrannies tend to be very progress hostile.

* Legalized Stealing