* a third party candidate protest party went on the US ballot for elections in all 50 US states.
* This third party clearly and loudly proclaims “we will vote against everything, and we do NOT have a policy”
* … we are the absolute protest party.
* someone rich would, after putting them on the ballot plug them on national US TV with some serious add airtime.
* By the elections everyone in the US knows of the existence of this protest party.
* Vote for them they do n o t h i n g. That’s basicly the point – occupy politics. Even if someone tries to bribe them.
* Their only policy – once they are elected they try and obstruct (vote against) everything, without consideration.

I think, considering the sad state of US politics, a lot of people would come out who wouldn’t ordinary vote) and
vote for this none of the above (NOTA) “party” and “candidate”.

So… who would consider throwing a few hundred million $$ after this idea? I think every dollar spent on this
movement would actually be ten times worth a demopublican or repubicrat dollar. I would be the ultimate
monkey-brench sabotage of the US political system.

The ultimate voice of protest and dissatisfaction even diametric opposed political adversaries could agree upon.
The far right as well as the far left as well as tens of millions of soul-dead americans would vote for NOTA.