Violent Revolution, It’s Time.

It is now time.  Maybe overdue a little.

The global disparity, the plutocracy, the kleptocracy, the stealing, the corruption, the rampant media lying, the oligarchy – it’s mostly everwhere. It is worse than it has ever been. And it needs to end at once.

“They” don’t listen to arguments. There are so many of “them” and their ability to rationalize that what evil they do is in fact justified has made their minds impervious to reasonable arguments. Just look at the usual suspects, the pundits, the media figures. If Ben Shapiro can argue (message paid for by the Koch Brother) the DNC is far radical left, then there is simply nothing you can say to the guy.

It’s time for revolution. It’s time for world wide protest, guerilla warfare, violent uprising, sabotage, riotting, burning down buildings owned by the man, mass lynchings, mass strikes, mass organization and radicalization. It’s time to completely no longer compromise. We need to assume we are already dead, already in the gulags and camps, already dying. There is othing more to be gained by any level of appeasement. They simply will use any hesitation to just crack down harder.  Look at Hong Kong – that’s just waiting to happen everywhere. Literal concentration camps, mass torture, black bag disappearings, police violence, extrajudicial killings. Look at the news – Lebanon, Serbia, Ukraine, the US, China, France, Czechia, it’s everywhere. The fire has already ignited the fuse, the fuse has burned up and the dynmate IS already detonating. 

Basically not doing anything is now rank cowardice, apathy or imbecility. Time for dialogue or ostrichism is over. You are already in the prison on the slab, waiting for Them to extract your organs to keep their old dessicated bodies alive for another couple of weeks. 

I am not saying merely “hold them accountable and put them in court” – I am saying, lynch them. They need to start dying in a pretty horrible manner, right now. 

Get going. It’s time.