Uncle Sugar

“Libertarianism” will be victorious …

… only when it acknowledges the majority of human beings will be left unemployed by the advance of technology and automation. The simple fact is that unemployed people create a vast and irresistible demand for government. The government is actively pushing to make this unemployment irreversible – jobs lost now will never be replaced by new jobs. Machines and automation and AI are so fast in filling new humans that the vast majority of human beings do not stand a chance.

The government bureaucrats know this, and they know they are atavisms of a bygone age. The best way to validate the existence of government bureaucracy is to make the vast majority of voters completely dependent on handouts to survive. Government bureaucrats do this purposefully, by making sure the economy works in a manner than in the US tens of millions of people will literally die in a horrific manner UNLESS the government exists to provide them with massive amounts of redistribution money.

Libertarians can come out on top and become the dominant political current, but only if they are able to somehow create precursor conditions of the vast majority of human beings (in the US, elsewhere) to feed themselves, have a home, have some kind of meaning in their lives, be liberated from government rules, government force and have other basic necessities met.

As long as Libertarians don’t get this, and keep alienating the defenseless, helpless desperate masses (and yes, there often is a component of racism involved here) they will drive these steadily expanding underclasses straight in to the arms of uncle Sugar.

You want a smaller government? Find a way to feed the masses. By work, by trickle down, by basic income, by any means you can think of. If you do this, Libertarian thinking will be the norm of the 21st century.

If you however fail to do this, I GUARANTEE YOU you’ll see a horrendously effective new form of socialism, one with teeth, before 2030.

The political arena is one of supply and demand mechanics, like any old market. Live by these rules and prosper. Deny these mechanics and soon you’ll find yourself irrelevant.

* Uncle Sugar