To the financial elites – you sow the seeds of your annihilation now.

Turn On, Tune In, and Drop Out 2.0

I will explain, and you will not believe me. You will not believe me because you are out of touch.

In a few years you – the financial, corporate, industrial elites of this world will fail to appreciate what is happening. What is happening is simple – as unemployment skyrockets above 25% and most people in the former rich countries become deeply dissatisfied (if not really pissed off) at the collapse of the illusion of materialist consumerism, they will seek alternatives to grant meaning to their neurological existence.

Religion used to function in that. Drugs also did, but it won’t do so any more. In the 60s political leftism and new age thinking was the great escapist mode of dissent. The new escapism will be fully societally integrated, and it will be a terrifying monster equalizing the world’s economical systems faster than you can sneeze “Marshall McLuhan”.

Envision BitCoin, Second Life, MMO’s, gaming, geekdom, secessionism, age of aquarius, rapture of the nerds, D&D, unemployment. Mesh it all together, and put the secret sauce of hyper empowerment, ANON and wikileaks on it, bake it in an future Google+ or Facebook (one that condones nymity… Diaspora?) and let it take over society.

You will lose all consumers that had a taste. These people will literally secede from society and turn into a species of hyper-empowered meta-gamer that would terrify the current crop of latex fetishists, goth-core vampire larpers, /B/ fundamentalists and Eve Online corporation managers. Think habitual modafinil junkies, who live in communes, consume almost nothing but home-grown health food and fitness resources – and these people will turn into a an inner universe of enlightenment the world has scarcely seen before in human history. Think Minecraft times 1000, WoW Guilds times 1000 all wearing these masks.

Their parents will wallow in horror and hope it will be a phase. It won’t be. This revolution will catch on and will be the new realism, the new existentialism, the ultimate fight club, the penultimate new sexual self-expression and it will be the end of big corporations holding people imprisoned in a web of indebtedness.

It will be the return of the new tribal accountability; and it will be the return of the new web locusts; and it will be the dawning of Chaka Zula and the great Khan(nea) of the wild lands. And, geopolitical and financial elites – we are coming for you and we will tear your power to shreds.

Happy Halloween.

Future is now of the masses, and for the masses.

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