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What is a Polytopia?

Polytopia (1) an endlessly open (trans) culture of unique and diverse states of mind

1.1- ‘endlessly open’ reflects the proposition that there are no end goals, no end results, in short, no end but infinity.
1.2- culture and not society, culture has no borders, no nationality, and is an inherently dynamic process, society is defined by characteristics of its past.
1.3- unique as in ‘unique and independent perspective’.
1.4- diverse as in “the variation of life forms within a given ecosystem, reflects its diversity”

Polytopia (2) an open source, collaboration between consciously aware entities towards an increase in combined interactive intelligence

2.1- ‘open source’ as in ‘allows concurrent input of different agendas, approaches and priorities’, also as in ‘ publicly available strategic resources for critical decision making’
2.2- collaboration reflects cooperation as in ‘sharing knowledge, learning and building consensus without the requirement of leadership’.
2.3- ‘consciously aware entities’ and not necessarily human (see Ai, robots, cybrids, hybrids and/or any life-form exhibiting sentiency).
2.4- ‘combined interactive intelligence’ reflects mutuality and cross-fertilization, emergence of higher empathy modes, fecundity.

Polytopia (3) an alliance of effort, both abstract and concrete

3.1- as in ‘collectively mustering mind and material resources’

Polytopia (4) an emergent transcultural entity composed of real critical beings, intelligently discernible and primarily manifested via the Grid

4.1- ‘emergent entity’ as in ‘not predicated by its original components’ also as in ‘not guided but naturally occurring’ also as in ‘the way complex systems and patterns arise out of a multiplicity of relatively simple interactions’.
4.2- ‘real critical beings’ as in ‘fiercely independent’, also ‘critical’ as in ‘essential’, also ‘being’ as ‘dynamically present’
4.3-‘intelligently discernible’ as in ‘evidently there’

Polytopia (5) A multidimensional co-enhancing, mind mutuality of evolving beings; A Polytopia is a transcultural endeavor with vast implications on the personification of the unique individual

5.1- ‘Multidimensional’ as in ‘objectives are pursued simultaneously through multiple dimensions’, also as in ‘multiplicity of sets of preferences’
5.2- ‘co-enhancing’ as in ‘ consenting and cooperating in reciprocal enhancement’, also as in ‘ enriching each and every being’

Polytopia (6) A transcultural occurrence that has evolved beyond the obsolete infancy notions of gender, race, ethnicity, nationality, financial status, institutional religion and or any other related concepts of cultural and or genetic nature.

6.1-it’s about freedom, liberty, and free expression, unshackling the future from the past and becoming the architects of our own destiny.

There is nothing in a caterpillar that tells you it’s going to be a butterfly.
R. Buckminster Fuller

Polytopia (7)

Poly – many (or diverse)
Topia- (from the Greek Topos) – place (or state, as in ‘state of affairs’ or ‘state of mind’)


A sentient being engaged in the creation, maintenance and evolution of a Polytopia


The developing ‘scientific-art’ of intelligent and peaceful application of voluntary, consent based, decentralized transcultural cooperation amongst independently evolving free sentient beings.

Polyethics – A distributed value system for sentient interaction and co-evolution (following spaceweaver suggestion)

Polytopianism Associated concepts: autonomy, liberty, sustainability, self-sustainability, individuality, self-authority, virtuality, consensual organization, sharing, mutuality, creativity, infinity, abundance, love, empathy, acceptance, distribution, open source, resources, provision, relationships, humanism, self-reliance, pleasure, hedonism, longevity, freedom of expression, play, game, independence, infinity, myth, emergence, futurism, transhumanism, extropian, ubiquitous infoverse technologies, metaverse,

Polytopianism Discontinued (demanding discussion and elaboration) Concepts: authority, governments, violence, institutional religion, borders, nations, nationality, oppression, regime, dandyism, tribalism, revenge, regionalism, guilt, regret, heresy, repression, elitism, greed, hunger, consumerism, finiteness, lack, confines, gender, money, race, ethnicity, age, anthropomorphism, power, dominion, marriage, prejudice, selfishness, racism, chauvinism, pettiness, money,

Polytopianism remains ambiguous regarding the concepts of: ego, moderation, identity, ambition, hierarchy, rating, education

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