This generation can end the United States

Look at the immense eviul the United States has wrought upon the people of the wotld, upon the economies and wellbeing of the world, to the ecologies of the planet, to the future of humanity. Genocide after genocide, generations of pentagon driven economic hitmen, arms exports and torture experts active in right wing dictatorships in every continent except antarctica. In the US next to nobody will acknowledge it – outside the UD everyone can see it plainly. The United States has become truly evil.  Half its population is pervasively white supremacist and racist, soiopathically corporatist, insane evangelical, is innundated with murderous weapons, completely in denial about basic scientific fact, actively desiring the contribute to climate disasters, ruthlessly unilateralist and using its power to make it worse.

Yet never before has the United States been as divided and fragile. Even a most minimalist shove from the outside can lay waste to the credibility of the US for generations. Just a superficial spin of conspiracy theories, and the country is coming apart at the seams. Throw a global pandemic on the country and they criminally accept millions die under horrific conditions, and they deny it even exists. Where the Roman empire, with all its sadism, started rotting from the inside it took many decades for the empire to end. Everythig happens much faster these days, and where we knew the US was completely insolvent in any metric as a world empire just a decade ago, now we know this house of cards can not hope to stand, especially not in this rainstorm. The US is ending before out eyes.

We need to expedite this process and utterly seek to wreck this evil hot mess as soon as possible. The end of this monstropus apparatus will actually reduce the suffering of its populace – the sooner the US is facilitated in ripping itself apart, the quicker the civilized world can stat reinvesting in rational democratic, social-democratic institutions and governmental infrastructure and insert this humane nation building back into the US. The collapse of the US itself will be quick and merciful. The world must  take steps to keep the insanity locked inside the US and close borders for the rats fleeing this sinking ship. We already know that most the US corporations, billionaires and even government officials have long since established survivalist bolt-holes all ovet the planet. This is tragic, as this will introduce the US psychosis all over the planet, but we may yet be able to cauterize this affliction after the fact. We may be able to throw out the likes of jeff bezos off New Zealand, and Trump from schotland. Other examples abound. 

The end of the US is manageable, with all it’s nuclear weapons, wil all it’s state power and military colonies worldwide. We must escort all these imperial bases and their staff politely back to the counttry as quickly as possible.

That’s why I  call for the creatiun of The Institute For The End Of The United States, literally. This institute should be founded in Amsterdam and will be an activist think tank dead set on curtailing the most evil aspects of the Unite States, to facilitate a peaceful end to the United States, to contain US influence outside the US, in particular right wing influence. And most of all, this institute will aide in rebuilding the US to become a series of seceded states, each either enthusiastically social-democrat, just. civilized, putting its citizens first, the climate first, judicial oversight first. I personally don’t see a future for a US that remains one single political unity. I prefer at least several new countries emerge in the wake of the US, much as the dissolution of the Soviet Union. 

I may be remarkably easy to enter this transition, and chip away at a fragile and allready collapsing United States. There are enbdless opportunities to crowbar it wide apart, all with completely legal means from the EU. We don’t need to stoop to the level  of CIA blackops human rights violatuions – just revealing the facts will be sufficient to bring down this other evil empire. 

If you like this, reach out. You know how to contact me. I need sponsors and friends to make this Institute a reality. You know my unswerving dedication. I’d like to get going as quickly as possible, for the future of humanity. 

We can do this.