These are demands of the developed world


All Russian troops in Ukraine immediately cease all active combat. Russian soldiers that break this ceasefire shall be immediately be arrested and surrendered to UN peacekeepers without delay.
All russian troops inside Ukraine surrender immediately to Ukrainian troops.
Russia and Ukraine both immediately invite UN peacekeepers into the country.
Russian soldiers takes step to immediate depart from Ukraine in nonmilitary equipment. Ukraine troops and UN peacekeepers will aid in this process and Russia wiill not expropriate (steal) resources or vehicles from Ukraine to aid in this process.
Russian soldiers leave behind their military equipment they used to invade Ukraine. These are now forfeit.
The Russian government immediately acknowledges it engaged in  a policy of intentional war crimes inside Ukraine.
Russia renounces the idea of “denazification” as an absurd fiction. 
The UN receives access to Russian media and airs veerifiable and detailed descriptions of what happened in Ukraine and what Russian troops did wrong. Russian civilian observers and witnesses will be called to come to Ukraine and witness these acts in detail. 
The Russian government immediately acknowledges its troops engaged in mass looting of Ukrainian properties. This looting will be listed in detail from the Russsian side. 
An immediate formation of a human rights tribunal, where the worst cases of war crimes are prosecurted. If a Russian official or soldier proactively confesses what he or she did wrong before being charged in the tribunal, this contrition will weigh heavily in the final judgement. Russia from day one starts collaborating with this tribunal.
Vladmir Putin steps down from presidency and retires.  His entire government steps down and retires.
Transparent and verifiable elections are called in Russia. UN observers enter the country to oversee this process of democratization and Russia fully complies with this process.
All those charged with war crimes are arrested, taken to a location outside Russia nd Ukraine to await their trial, no exceptions. Russia actively cooperates with this proces.
Russian republics, regions, ‘krai’,, ‘oblasts’  can declare the desire forn independence from Moscow central administration and Moscow will not resist this process until transparant and fair elections have been held in these regions. If in a region a clear majority of residents expresses a desire for independence the process of secession starts no sooner than 2025 and no later than 2030.
The ‘Russian Federation’ immediately takes steps to disarm its nuclear stockpile, completely. By  actively threatening the world with complete nuclear obliteration the world can no longer accept nuclear weapons in the hands of Russia. 
Russia agrees to facilitate mass migration of ethnic Russians from regions where the continued presence and residence would cause ethnic tensions. All those that prefer to migrate will be facilitated by Russia.
Russia agrees to have all its foreign asserts seized and frozem in preparation to repay Ukraine for damages incurred. 
Russia agrees to a repayment scheme to repay Ukraine for damages incurred.
A barrier shall be erected between Russia and Belarus on the one side and Ukraine on the other. 10 kilometers of land on the respective russian and belarus side will be occupied by UN peacekeepers for a period of no less than ten years.  Trade, traffic and commerce between Russia and Ukraine ends for the time being.
Russia (and seceding regions) agree to a modernization, democratization and civilization process, and the international community agrees to the equivalent of a 21st century Marshall plan to bring Russia and former regions to a developed state.  
By 2040 all repayment processes end and the situation is hopefully ‘normalized’. The relationship of Russia and Ukraine can be renormalized, as so desired by Ukraine.