The world of Islam has soft targets too


Yesterday a man drove a truck in to a crowd and kep driving for kilometers during the Bastille day celebtrations om Nice. Since he is half french and half meghreb it seems safe to assume this was a terrorist attack by islamic (lower case) radicals.

Enough is enough.

I can’t and won’t make any threats here, but make of it what you will. I am going to make a prediction now – this act went too far. I understand how hatred of radicals work – the radicals work actively top dehumanize their targets, and to elevate this while wahabbi version of islam to some kind of apocalyptic status where it simply no longer matters who gets killed and how. But by any standard I care to associate with what I consider human, this attack went to far. Yes I know that many many attacks have gone to far for decades now in many islamic countries – iraq, syria, etc. but this was a strike against completely defenceless celebrating innocents So, carefully wording myself so I stay within the bounds of legal, I make a prediction from my years of futurological analysis.

Much sooner than we wish a group of people of clearly European or US descent will, without any visible government support, orchestrate an attack against comparably “soft” targets in the Islamic world. This will be a terror attack intended to kill as many muslims as possible and the attack will kill hundreds if not thousands. Most likely the attack will be directed against praying muslims, and may very well be directed against the crowds around the holiest of shrines of islam. It will be an attack on a scale that will horrify humanity and the islamic world to a degree where everyone will stop what they are doing. It will be a socalled definitive answer, The words “Nice” and “Brussels”, “New York” and “Paris” will be uttered out loud.

After that definitive answer everyone, literally every country in the world, will decide “this must go no further” and every country will enter a coalition and a series of treaties declaring the most unambiguous statement in terms of security state, policing, intelligence, military, politics to “terrorism”. Everyone will say – if this gets answered, it will escalate so badly that the next time millions could die.

Make of this what you will. But whatever the case the era of unconstrained terror attacks and soft targets world wide will now have ended. No more.

there are many many soft targets world wide