The Wanted A-List

Would it be possible to start an institute that starts an exhaustive listing of people that may have committed war crimes, not exempting American nationals, and working to identify US (or other) civilians, soldiers, officers, politicians, corporates, henchmen and mercenaries – and then

(a) collect information on the crimes of the person, start a dossier on the person;
(b) finally when there is compelling evidence publicize the personal details of the individual and plausible crimes committed online from a country where the US wouldn’t have the means to forcefully close down the dossier or web site;
(c) If the evidence is more or less incontrovertible start a push to have these parties arrested the first moment they set foot outside the US;
(d) push the US itself to start criminal proceedings at the first opportunity.

Yes I would include former president G.W.Bush and his former vice president Cheney. Bush knows this already. I’d also include a list of every single US soldier and every single US intelligence operative. Most will not be guilty of any crimes, but too many will be. I would also include many people working in the oil industries; while many people might not be formally charged in a judicial court, we may see a change in the situation very soon. If we see evidence for global warming, many actions of both oil industry people, as well as people investing in the same, or people arguing against matters such as global warming, might be plausibly be regarded to be guilty of a knowing criminal act. If these people did nothing wrong they have nothing to worry about. Of course a lot of islamic radicals would end up on this list for either terrorism, crimes related to terrorism, or aiding terrorists. But this would be equally true of many soldiers serving in, for example, Saudi, Syrian, Israeli, Kazachstan, Chinese, North Korean, Russian militaries, merely as an example.

Or the politicians commanding them.

This will be a very big dossier and it should look at violations of international law, as well as human rights violations in the broadest possible sense. Information should be collected for potential and plausible violations or crimes as perceived from a future context.

An organization collecting this information should be able to create a dossier or tens of thousands of suspects. People in this listing should become progressively more cautious about leaving the United States. We must actively lobby to sway as many countries as possible to acknowledge any good evidence collected in this manner, and we should then make sure that in a few years the US is surrounded by a halo of countries where arrest, extradition and prosecution for actual such criminals is all but a certainty.

Those guilty to such crimes should then also be able to file a ‘formal denial’, and to volunteer taking place in a process of remote hearing and counter hearing. After all truth finding should be paramount. And there might even be a potential process of public atonement for many of these crimes. Soldiers that enacted war crimes under US command structure might avoid or mitigate prosecution abroad if they ‘come clean’ – and provide context for the crimes they committed. This would hopefully se expose those who committed any crimes with full criminal intent.

We must defend civilization, democracy and human rights tooth and nail. And we must do so more humanely and mercifully than the ones that committed these horrendous crimes.

* Trying to wiggle into the margins

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