The strangeness of Twitter

Recently dutch party FvD lost senate elections and went effectively down from 14 to 2 seats. This party was involved in a large number of schandals, and yet a small fringe of allegedly confused folks persist in supporting this party. Twitter is a forum for free debate and freedom of expression. We should scrutinize political movements and be free to debate the merits and flaws of certain political platforms. 

This tweet would loosely translate to: 

What? Everyone who voted FVD was either stupid, or was duped by a charlatan…. SO either you are knowingly vile scum. I am sorry, but the time has come someone told you the hard truth – You. Were. Wrong.

I am aware that these ultra right wingers do a thing called “Brigading” and “mass reporting”, thereby hijacking the debate.

Mass Reporting

Mass reporting” is what happens when a brigading group tries to get users who are members of marginalised groups suspended from an online platform by collectively reporting their posts. The brigading group often has some understanding of how algorithms work on the platform to automatically remove reported comments that meet certain criteria and will run searches to find old or humorous content that can trigger sanctions if reported.

I sincerely believe I was mass reported in an organized context.

So what is this all about? Here is a cavalcade of articles illustrating this FvD (Forum for Democracy) party:

I could go on for an endless sequence of examples what is so explicitly wrong about this political movement. This is no longer merely an opinion – it should be abundantly clear to everyone who i paying any level of attention thispolitical party is an extremely dangerous element in dutch parliament. These people are constantly dividing society, urging on to misformation, calling people to violence. These are the mosr crass and vulgar opportunists imaginable. 

Twitter is a perfect platform to expose this, and to urge former supports of this criminal organization to see the error of their ways. However it is understandable that Twitter is making awful judgement calls, considering the extremely chaotic tendencies of twitter management of late. It should be clear Twitter made a major error of judgement in this case.

This article will stay online to showcase what’s going catastrophically off the rails with twitter.