The simplest analysis

The problem with post-industrial society is that it is a shrinking society. And shrinking collective affluence makes everyone nervous, or neurotic. The human species had a party, and the party cake was oil. Oil and fossil fuels allowed humanity an affluence greatly at odds with the squallor that came before, and now this stage of the party is over, oil is running out and those in power don’t seem to want to relinquish their seating at the head of the table.

As the money elites finagle a never ending series of excuses and conjure a never ending stream of rabbits from the tall hats, they are getting their panties in a tangle to retain an already extinct mode of privilege. This phase of growth has ended and we must engineer a new phase of growth (which is difficult but by no means impossible, google SPS), or we must come together in the most democratic and just manner possible and consent to a humane blend of controlled shrinkage and constraints.

A soulless bastard once said “our standard of living is not negotiable’ and he was wrong. It is, but it isn’t ‘the terrorists’ taking part in the dialogue – it is the end of this phase of history and the dawn of a new one, and nature itself has now a grim vote on the negotiation table – adapt or hurt direly.

People in power came to power because of winning strategies. Winning strategies are like a beautiful mansion on the side of a volcano – if you hesitate a moment in abandoning it in time it may get you killed. The things you own end up pwning you. That is what the moneyed elites must come to grips with – no matter how much they leverage plain lying, the silent vote of natural constraints will always outvote yesterdays winners. Ask the Italians. Or the British.

Democracy is now at odds with globalism and market-centered thinking. Now the protest vote has become part of ‘supply and demand’. As in – don’t give the losers of this rat race a fair share of the cake, and they’ll come after you and cut off your head.

Those in power have not much of a choice. The later they consent to ‘renegotiations’, the more painful for THEM the rectification will be. Dally a few more years and I guarantee you – it will probably end up getting a lot of them killed prematurely.

The new progress is one towards giving everyone a rational share of the collective affluence, in a manner that stimulates growth rather than stunts it. The new progress must be directed towards that what works, not towards that which corrupts. Getting there may be a Herculean task, but hey, the dam is close bursting as is.

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