The problem with black African Americans

America has a major problem, as depicted in his video here.

An African American women was slammed to the ground and arrested by a police officer, and she asked him why everyone was afraid of black people. His answer was pretty shocking. Brett Erlich, Grace Baldridge, and Hasan Piker, hosts of The Young Turks, break it down. Tell us what you think in the comment section below.
“Dash cam footage surfaced Thursday of a white Austin, Texas, police officer violently arresting Breaion King, a blak elementary school teacher, in 2015. The video shows the officer, identified by the Austin American-Statesman as Bryan Richter, throwing King to the ground twice at a traffic stop.
According to the Austin American-Statesman, a second officer, who the Associated Press names as Officer Patrick Spradlin told her police are right to be distrustful of black people because of their “violent tendencies.”
“Why are so many people afraid of black people?” Spradlin asks King. “I can give you a really good idea why it might be that way — violent tendencies.”
Spradlin goes on to say that white people rightly fear black violence because some black people are “very intimidating.”
The Associated Press reported that both officers are on desk duty as the department further investigates the incident.”

So what is the problem here?

In my view this problem is genetic in nature. What is happening during this confrontation is that the white law enforcement officer is of pervasively white European descent and the black is primarily of black African descent. The white cop uses the symbolism of force and dominance – he feels he has to inflict violence to obtain compliance. Why is this?

White people were evolved mostly during an evolutionary bottleneck of feudalism. Europe knew more than two thousand years of mass repression in terms of feudalism. Everyone who didn’t comply with the ruling classes was culled. This has caused a level of domestication in white Europeans not seen much world wide. The only equivalent is found in Japan where similar processes took place. The result is that the vast majority of whites have become docile on a genetic level. When faced with a dominant actor in any engagement they make a calculation based on force symmetry and choose to flee, resist or (mostly) submit. The white cop has a genetic predisposition where he uses this symbolism – he violently impresses his dominance through a pantimime of feudal Shcok & Awe, and expects complete and unconditional surrender from those under his zone of control. The officer feels he has a responsibility to first instill obedience and after this has been established he might get around to his task of enforcing the law. Justice is the last consideration for him.

The problem is that people of primarily African descent (as the woman can ba argued to me) did not experience a history of feudalist racial culling. Many of these people did experience a few centuries of domintion during the era of slavery, but that can not be sufficient for the full blown Darwinian selection whites experienced for literal Millenia. The woman is of a genetic predisposition where she expects a relative level of human equality. She simply does not understand why the cop is acting as he does, and the cop in turn simply does not understand why the hell the African origin person does not completely submit to his Dominance pantomime.

Essentially both humans in the exchange are human beings. But being both genetically mostly identical does not mean their subtle behavioral urges are the same. Even minor degrees of genetic selection can quickly introduce behavioral differences. We are seeing a complete divergence in expectations here – white dominants expect full docile compliance, It doesn’t cross their mind that someone might resist. White submissives immediately respond to Dominance, since compliance has in an evolutionary context resulted in considerably greater odds for personal survival.

What I am stating heres a hypothesis. It would be difficult to (morally) find falsifiable evidence for such a difference in attitudes. I try not to judge – both subtle genetic variances in respectively white caucasians and black africans should be subtle. But unless we start to look at the hidden congenital factors involved in why people act in certain ways we can never hope to deal with the massive epidemic of violemce between various kinds of people. As things are both parties in the above exchange believe they are perfectly right in why they do what they do, but this may not be entirely true.