The point where things break … >$

Are you an american and want to make an easy 90.000 dollars? Emigrate and turn in your US passport. Your share of the US debt is right now that, and going up FAST. If you relocate to, say, Europe, and nationalize there, get that nationality, you can’t have a double nationality. You HAVE to cancel your US passport. Aside from any tax debts, student debts, medical debts, alimony, child support, etc. etc. you instantaneously walk away from your share in the absolutely bonkers US collectivized debt. You no longer have to shoulder your theoretical share of this odious debt. Seems like the smart move. Plus by the time you get your EU passport this debt should we well over 50 Tril.

Oh – and anyone who voted trump, is member of the NRA, evangalical, “pro-life”, Libertarian, Proud ‘boy’, “Sovereign Citizens”, Randian, is into Jordan Peterson or Stefan Molyneux, refuses vaccines, is into ‘Al Lives Matter’, is QANON etc. etc. – do not come to europe. You are not welcome here. Stay there and keep paying your US imperial taxes. Your ‘country’ needs you.