The ‘Nueremberg’ trials against Rusia

The collation effort has started – all Russians involved in invading Ukraine are now officially subject to being held accountable for war crimes and human rights violations.  That means – all politicians who voted in favor of this, putin himself, lukashenko, all his commanding officers. The west has started compiling lists and what crimes they committed. There are now ongoing dossiers on every soldier involved in this war of aggression, and daily evidence is added about what human rights violations or war crimes they have engaged in. That’s dossiers on possibly 100.000 or more Russians. Severe cases will be hearing from requests for extradition in order to stand trial fairly soon, and this doesn’t the court won’t hear additional evidence after being extradited. That means that one day soon close to half a million can never travel internationally again – not unless they are not concerned about being arrested in a third party country, their flight re-routed to another destination, and arrest occuring there. These proceedings may very well last for decades. It will never go away. If you are a russian soldier who chooses to drive over the car of a civilian with a tank, chances are before 2030 you stand in front of a special court – and such a soldier my to his confusion find himself in a prison for the rest of his life. But if these war crimes escalate to a bad enough degree such guility parties may suffer far from draconian sentences – up to including the death penalty.

If you as a russian are being giving orders that go against established international laws, you should consider carefully executing these orders. And of course this also goes for any non russian, such as american or chinese soldiers for any illegal wars of invasion of any sovereign democratic nation.