The EMP Out


Modernity is constructed on a precarious precipice. Unsteady ground. This inherent instability is particularly the result of the world order as created by Bretton-Woods initially, and then reconstituted by the Nixon choice to disconnect the dollar from gold. After 1971 the dollar (as much of the world’s currencies) became largely fictional means of exchange, subject to  unfettered state manipulation. The nett effect is that right now most currencies are massively over-extended to a degree where it is impossible to repay even a raction of outstanding liabilities. This is clearly worst in the United States, as you can judge in this insightful video.

This video is politically somewhat right-leaning but the analysis is largely correct. We have known about this for decades, and we are all well aware that this is a situation that will end in catastrophe, and when it does the lower 90% of people (in particular in the US) will be unable to survive meaningfully in what happens next, and they will rise up violently against the elites – or they will see a standard of living decease turning their formerly plush lifestyles into a developing nation equivalent  on par with the poorer south american countries. The US army knows this and has been preparing for this for years.  The basis for this collapse is now so throughly the center of whole subcultures in the US it’s beyond any reasonable analysis – from preppers to doomsday cults to zombie apocalypse metaphors – this realization has throughly immersed itself in the collective consciousness. 

In the current political football this lunacy has become even more irresolvable as climate change is becoming. And the list of imminent changes of society set the world on a course far more needy of entitlements. There is simply no way we won’t be massively increas on liabilities as soon as technological unemployment, climate change, the cost of covid, etc. etc. impact the world. We are already overextended many times over and there is only more overextended coming. There simply is no alternative, despite of what the usual career “economists”-and libertarian psychopaths keep yelling. 

The debate has now centered on some kind of smartly engineered “great reset”, allegedly leveraged onto us by malignment illuminati-like conspiracies. All political extremes claim the other side is preparing for this hostile take-over, in ever more surreal metaphors. That these metaphors are still largely believed by so many people pretty much means that a lot of actors are out there “muddying the  waters”. “poisoning the well“, and using billion dollar infrastructures to play divide and rule, on a truly Gibsonian scale.  I believe this has become the primary business model of infrastructures such as Facebook (and I am not being antisemitic here).

This is memetic  trench warfare and all actors are dug in deep, and all the usual idiots are going over the top to duke it out under proverbial heavy machinegun fire, through barbed wire and minefields. Those who are in the know (and they exist, clearly) stay out of sight giving orders in the bunkers, some ideological intermediaries yell orders a la Fox News, and those swayed by whatever nonsense dujour charge at the again proverbial windmills endlessly. 

A paradigm shift is coming, and one that will reset the current economical system, providing convenient cover for eradicating the entire global financial system. There is such a means, and we have (again) known this for decades, and the situation has lingered on so long that I would go on the record today, in the last week of decembe 2021 that IMHO the best out would be the onset of some kind of Electromagnetic Pulse Event on a global scale. I was just watching Blade Runner 2049 and I had to chuckle – central to the movie’s plot is precisely such a grande and overwhelming data reset event that significantly destroys and impacts electronic records – including everyone’s baby pictures. 

As I said – this is the most manageable outcome. Waiting for a solar storm might take a while, and some kind of EMP blasts are far more easy to blame on “some enemy”, say, China or Russia. Who’d know after such an event, when most cities will be cast into months of darkness and starvation. the world wide disruption of the internet, electricity infrastructure, supply side logistics would then have to be rebuilt from scratch, we would all stand together in such a titanic effort, no doubt a sizeable percentage of the more vulnerable (and problematic) people would conveniently disappear. I’d say such a transition would clean a lot of old and dead wood so to speak and it would be terrifying beyond what people in developed nations could possible envision. But it would leave “hardened” infrastructures (the military and police) intact, and all state apparatuses for people making claims conveniently wiped. So yeah, I am gazing in my crystal ball and I say, “this feels imminent”.

Problem is that such an event would also wipe this blog, so I could not go around and yell to everyone “I told you so”.