The Collapse Is Here

It may not be obvious to everyone, but let me go on the record and state that we are now here. November 2011, the slide down has started, and yes – there are elites trying the collaboratively grab control in a fascist corporate-state take-over right this very moment.

We are experiencing a Roman empire style collapse. What irks me is that the movement I have once grown to admire – transhumanism – is in total denial. Or worse, many of them keep explicitly supporting an utterly corrupt status quo.

I have no means to do anything about it. I have no money, no assets, no marketable skills, a somewhat mediocre health and a very flawed willpower. I am not particularly smart. So in effect I will be experiencing the full gamut of societal collapse and desperation the next few years in intimate detail. I will probably not survive this ordeal myself, unless others take pity on me.

I think the 1930s crisis slash 1990s soviet union collapse misery will start in a few months, and I’d be lucky to have all my teeth by 2015, and not have succumbed to this nightmare by 2020.

So there are my expectations. I’ll take what I can every single minute now. I have very little faith in a positive future left. I think we as a human species collectively fucked up our incredible potential. Squandered it.

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