The Cognitive Horizon

Humanity has screwed up a few times. Right now our global political systems are screwing up, in a spectacular manner. Take this current example –


There clearly is not a problem with resources. China can pave over massive regions with useless resources. This is insanity in action, and a clear sign of a system not functioning. It is a growth-centered paradigm and most certainly not a human-centered paradigm. It’s quantity over quality.

This happened before – a variant of this system caused the USSR to collapse. Mismanagement to the point of madness, and a whole lot of boldfaced lying. A lot is caused by a financial system completely detached from the needs of the majority of human beings, and cancerous power-elites preaching their version of unbridled optimism as they poison the world they do have to live in. Clearly variants of this are also happening in Japan, Europe and the U.S. Probably more so, and more viciously so.

Who does this happen? Why doesn’t common sense prevail?

It doesn’t because at a certain point humans do not have the cognitive capacity individually or collectively, to make sense of what is happening, and they default to pre-programmed assumptions and dogma.