Techno-Idealist Events in the Netherlands

We can use whatever label we want – Transhumanist, Extropian, Singularitarian, Techno-Utopian, whatever – it’s generally the same crowd, the same scene of people. People with an optimist, enterpreneurial mindset and grande deals are in fact coming together in the Netherlands and organizing, however more tentatively than in surrounding countries. Here’s an (incomplete? Email me!) listing of what I know.

Institute of Exponential Sciences
Link – I am familiar with one contact in this group, Demian Zivkovic. I haven’t visited their event yet (largely a financial hurdle) but they have an event come 8 April ( every second friday of the month) in Utrecht I may try going to. I understand it was associated or semi-fused with the Aletheia Academy (no link) some time ago.

Dutch Future Society
Link – My friend Amanda is an active member, and I am considering joining as soon as I can. It’s probably the biggest such community in the Netherlands. My joining is largely hurdled by finances, and I am looking for sponsors for a year membership.

Club van Amsterdam
Link – A very lively and frequent event in Amsterdam, generally in breathtaking locations. The events tend to veer in and from futurological issues, often commenting on societal trends. The main organizer is Felix Bopp. I haven’t attending any events for a few years but opportunity allowing I would dearly love to.

Singularty University Rotterdam
Link – This group churns along basiclly on the unbridled enthusiasm of Yuri van Geest (from what I have seen) and I attended a few meetings so far. The group strikes me as a networking/entrepreneurial society with dedicated professionals.

Consciousness Hacking
Link – A group that has at least a tentative interest in futurologie, new technologies and singularity-thinking, with an emphasis on apps and the softer human aspect of progress. The group pivots around Yfke Laanstra. Nice ambiance.

Transhumanist Party, Nederland
Link – Not active – anyone has an interest booting this up, I’d go for monthly events in a suitable location. But for that we’d need money and a location.

Link – No idea so far.

(I may add other listings soon when I remember or are reminded of any).