Talk on FB chat

Evangelist Moon Gulzar Bhatti: Shalom Sister Khannea

Khannea SunTzu: What can I do for you? Sorry for being brief but I am mugged on FB

EMGB: Shalom Sister Khannea
EMGB: please tell me what can you do for me
EMGB: and what do you mean by mugged on fb?

Khannea SunTzu: I get accosted by ranmdom people who for some reason “want to know me”I suppose a lot of the middle eastern guys want to get laid, or want to immigrate..
Khannea SunTzu: Dunno

EMGB: no i am not among those guys

Khannea SunTzu: Uhuh ok

EMGB: I just want to share the LOVE of LORD with you my respected sister
EMGB: what lord? Some local castle Duke? Or maybe a Baron?
EMGB: LORD – Yeshua HaMashiach.. YHWH
EMGB: i am a little servant of the LORD sharing the WORD of the LORD

Khannea SunTzu: What is that? Haven’t heard of that ? Is it something from a game?

EMGB: sorry my sister
EMGB: do you ever know the HOLY BIBLE
EMGB: what religion you belongs to

Khannea SunTzu: Whats a holly bible?
Khannea SunTzu: Oh right I have heard of that thing called religions. I read a wiki page on that once, it’s LARP stuff right?
Khannea SunTzu: Odin and Zeus and Crom and that sort of stuff?
Khannea SunTzu: Sounds OK, I wouldn’t play a priest in a game though. Kinda static roles if you ask me. Shadow priests in WoW do OK damage though.
Khannea SunTzu: What deity do you priest for? Is it a healing deity?

EMGB: sorry I thought that you would like me to tell you about the truth

Khannea SunTzu: What game?

EMGB: we all human are living for some cause

Khannea SunTzu: Sure, truth sounds neat.

EMGB: and the cause is that LORD loves us
EMGB: LORD Jesus-Yeshua died for our sins

Khannea SunTzu: Oh right Prima Noctis, I heard about that. Sounds like a nice scenario for some steamy RP.I haven’t heard about that one, what are his stats?

EMGB: yeah sure
EMGB: this works so nice
EMGB: about 6000 years ago LORD created man & woman, our fore fathers
EMGB: Adam & Eve

Khannea SunTzu: So I gather you actually believe this stuff for real??
Khannea SunTzu: Wanna see a little miracle?

EMGB: yeah this is real
EMGB: what my sister

Khannea SunTzu: