Hi there, my name is Khannea. How are you doing?

I am a Transhumanist. I have been active calling myself Transhumanist around the mid-to-late 1990s, and have been ideologically Transhumanist since the late 1980s. I consider myself one of the best informed pro Transhumanism, Pro-Futurism, Pro-Modernism, Pro Space Colonisation, Futurological, Pro-Life Extension, Pro-Singularity activists and presenters in the Netherlands. I work closely together with Amanda Stoel (TechnoGaianism) in trying to spread a level (not too optimist/utopian, and not too pessimist/dystopian) understanding of these fields.

For that cause I am available to present these topics. I have a number of standard presentations ready, or I can prepare a presentation on a topic of your choice for which I can relatively quickly create a series of core arguments. I am, by any standard, very widely informed and oriented and do not give you the glamorous presentation – I will parse you all opportunities and dangers of exponential change in the most snarky tone I can muster.

I can safely state I am closely befriended by Giulio Prisco, David Pearce, Ben Goertzel, Philippe van Nedervelde, Aubrey de Grey, the late (?, 🙁 )Arjen Kamphuis, Amanda Stoel, Johannon BenZion, Natash Vita-Moore, Anders Sandberg – and most others know me at least by name.

Are you a media organization that desires to know more? Are you a documentary maker seeking salient quotes and insights? Are you a government agency at a loss about emerging technological trends? Are you a corporation that seeks to inspire your employees? I am available to rouse the spirits, cause brows to furrow, cause maybe a sleepless night here and there, and always seek to cause some laughter, albeit sometimes nervous.

For information, please email me at khannea.suntzu@gmail.com. I reside, party and work in particular in the Hague/Amsterdam axis.

Also be on the lookout of the drama-documentary by the name “Khannea 2070” coming out in 2020!