Statement of The Hague

“Know that the humanity is alone;
We were never abandoned as we were always alone”

Humanity is awakening to reality, facts, science. We are as a planetary species increasingly affirming how the universe operates. This is a period of intense objective value and worth. The 21st century is a revolutionary transition, away from the influence of ‘people who believe stuff because some guy told them stuff’. We are experiencing a new sage of enlightenment. We are embarking on a period of massive revision of what it means to be a human being, and how awesome it is. The spirit of our age no longer centers on “feelz” but increasingly affirms “facts”. This is also awesome. We no longer grant instantaneous credence to what people repeat over and over. Repeating stuff over and over doesn’t make it true. We regard this transition away from superstition as beautiful and awesome. Humanity now exists as an extension of its own glory, and not the glory of some guys in skirts who made up some stuff to exert power over other people. We embrace and cherish human individual autonomous preferences. We equate this with growing up from a symbolic age of childhood. We come to no longer believe in childish things. We turn away from infantile ideas, and work to escape shortsighted notions that sooner or later ruin human life and dishonor our humanity. Sadly there are still many nutters out there whining about their LARPer mythologies. We are not against people having fantastic notions – anyone is free to believe in whatever total nonsense they choose to – we are however against people going around threatening or coercing other people to believe crazy things. People who believe in this crazy shit come together in buildings called “churches” and we have no problems with that. They should however not bother other people with their bullshit. They should accept that the world is evolving onwards, and a new age of fact-based enlightenment, a new age of post-nonsense affirmation of reality and science, is dawning before our very eyes. This statement expresses the need for people to exert courage in the face of bullies and psychopaths with weird and crazy fantasies. We do not like it when these weirdos troll people with their stories about their zombie carpenter. We affirm that we want people to turn away from ruin. We are persuaded to active affirmation of reality, facts and science, and to expel all this fake news into these “churches”. People should be able to do as they please, but we will work to dissuade making up crazy stuff, and telling nonsensical lies to people. We are especially dedicated to affirming evolutionary biological facts regarding procreation and sexuality, i.e. how relative a concepts of “male” and “female”. It is obvious that there isn’t such a thing as a “god”, or some sort of “sky-daddy”. To pester people about this fantasy stuff is essentially lying. We affirm that people should talk about real stuff, scientifically provable i.e. falsifiable theories, and not nilly willy make up bullshit. We affirm nobody owes any special consideration towards men in long dresses who make up stuff. We affirm the quest of individuals towards exploring and knowing themselves. We affirm the collective quest of humanity to transcend childhood faerie tales. To claim we were “created” is condescending lying. We are free people. We are our own, and the central tenet of live should be to treat other people roughly how we ourselves prefer to be treated. Our true identity is “human”, and not derivative of what some guy in a skirt says. To listen to the bullshit spouted by these guys in skirts is not only foolish. We have self-determination and agency and we are perfectly fine deciding who or what we are. Salvation and the greatest glory lies in facts, reality, science and truth. Damnation lies in lying to other people. Listening to the lies of old men in weird skirts, wearing strange hats leads away from freedom. There was never a zombie carpenter called “jesus”. it’s all made up. We don’t need all that lying to lead life and have it in overflowing measure. Jesus doesn’t exist and is largely a made up construct of iron age myths, political contrivances and nonsense. Sex is awesome and people should have sex, as long as everyone consents in it. You shouldn’t force or lie other people to do shit they don’t want to do.

Article 1
WE AFFIRM that marriage is largely a made up idea. People who want to marry should be free to do so. It’s nobody’s business to tell other people who they should or should not have sex with, or how to have sex. There is no so thing as a bearded sky-daddy, or a zombie carpenter, despite all the screaming of weird old guys in skirts. If a guy wants to or wants to not marry a girl, who am I to bother them in to not doing it. It’s frankly none of my business. If some guy wants to marry a guy, or a girl wants to marry a girl, or some people want to all live together or have sex, or not live together and have sex, I really don’t care. In some case if they upload their sex to pornhub I might even watch it, who am I to judge right? I mean if a sexy sissy wants to get laid anal with a guy wearing a nun’s habit, I say, have at it. In fact I might even watch them going at it on pornhub. Sound like fun! But I don’t think adult people over 18 should willy nilly have sex with kids. Or leave it up to the kids, mostly. I really don’t know.

There is love. Love is awesome. It often occurs that in love happens people have sex. That’s great. Increasingly people of the same gender (or no gender whatsoever) have sex, and frankly, I like it. There’s absolutely no skydaddy, let alone a an old bearded sky-daddy has a say in people having sex. Homosexuality does not bother me in the slightest. Orgies are actually pretty awesome, but I will never dare suggest people MUST have orgies. I realize most people are not in to the wilder stuff and that’s great too.

Article 2

I am fine with the idea of “marriage”. In fact I might marry. I am a pansexual male-to-female transgender, and I fully intend to marry a twinky pansexual boy in the early stages of gender transition. Yes, we fully intend to “marry” and after marriage happens have sex with lots of other people. I really do not appreciate old people in skirts, who wear weird hats, telling me I shouldn’t, or really should do this stuff differently. If you don’t like that, I really could care less. I make my own private agreements with my sexual partners, based on facts, reality, love, science, medical truths, anatomical constraints and emotional maturity. It’s a private contractual agreement.

Article 3

WE AFFIRM there is no bearded sky-daddy and claims this “sky-daddy” created the universe and people is a really dumb idea. Seriously don’t listen to that ‘mentally clear’ crap. These people want to lord it over you and take your money. Likewise we affirm people should have fun with other people who want fun. Yes, anal sex is awesome, and women pegging men ios perfectly fine, if you observe some basic hygiene and use plenty lube. Toys are awesome, but don’t get carried away with fiant bad dragon buttplugs, fucking machines and molly, ok people? Do be careful.

Article 4
WE AFFIRM that transgenders are hot as fuck by and large. Transwomen who are in to that sort of thing tend to give better head than genetically born women, it’s a fact. Prove me wrong. Like seriously, look at Natalie, she is hot AF, I’d totally do her.

Article 5
WE AFFIRM that with transhuman technologies we can eventually make babies with genetically recombinant technologies, and gestate them in laboratory conditions without people having to become preggers. And this will be awesome, as long as nobody gets to suffer. In fact we should aim to massively reduce the suffering in the world and we think we can. Just ask David Pearce, he’s an awesome guy.

Article 6
There is no article six. This bullshit has gone long enough. Get over it already, ok? Live in the now.