So he said…

“Wow K, you should really send this to LL. It makes a lot of sense.
This plugin based system architecture is found in browser systems, and
in VR systems like Blue Mars (in BM you have to download full worlds
instead of elements, for example before visiting New Venice for the
first time you must download the full New Venice resource pack).”

(Giulio Pisco)

(verbatim from a casual email)

So here is what I posted…..
My best advice to LL is – make an indescribably solid bare bones 3D environment that can render any kind of proprietary virtual space – a LL server, my desktop, data from a spreadsheet, opensim, what-e-ver. Just give it away. Let people sort it out for themselves. House all the IP rights in a seperate foundation run by a comitee of elected users, so they don’t have to worry about the legal accountabilities. And then let people write plugins and addons, that receive rankings based on level of backwards compatibility, robustness, speed, interactivity, whet-everrr. Write plugins to generate complex shapes in SL. Write plugins to import special 3D formats. Write plugins to display mathematical formula’s. Then create a robust server application (which costs a money to licence) and which runs though LindeNet. Make your
money from that, and allow the market to write addons for clients and servers, and LL rates all the addons (and if found satisfactory links to them on their site). Variants for stereographic headsets? Variants for special gaming environments? Maybe a drag&drop server variant to create your own cookie cutter themed mmorpgs which you can run from your own home server, hosts players (and receive payment revenues from LL as you do) ….

Science sims. Corporate sims. Psychotherapy sims. Exhibit sims. Collaborative high-power sims with 100K prims.

Messages like
to properly view the content on this sim you need to download and install these addons
– SL sketchup viewer (60mb/free)
– asian martial arts animation package (250mb/1750L$)
– nova3 particle package (25mb/ree)
– standard melee weapons sculpted and scripted shapes (sponsored, only valid for use in this sim)
– standard modern firearms sculpted and scripted shapes (sponsored, only valid for use in this sim)
– Lung Wu oriental monsters package (110mb/7500L$)

But to pull this off the client will have to be so much better, sims to much more error free, I can’t even begin to see this happen with LL. ALL game designers that had a valid opinion on LL universally declared them rank amateurs. I don’t know what to think of that (game designers HATE user-driven worlds) but I am becoming very concerned that LL is trying to wrestle down a fullgrown tiger ‘that used to look so cute back when it was still a cub’. Their creation may eat em up alive one of these days.

My response – Linden Lab is in a state of siege mentality. They are not longer rational. They have made themselves inapproachable to the oceans of whining imbeciles beyond their office lobby. Making suggestions to Linden Lab is like carrying water to the Kuyper Belt.