Shut Down (2)

The proof of the pudding is in your face. It must take a lot of money to bribe people to ignore, or media to confuse everyone else that the US is simply failing by any objective standard.

3 thoughts on “Shut Down (2)

  1. Sometimes I think that the majority of US citizens actually wanted the situation to turn out like this. I mean: High income inequality means that people are more motivated to become rich and more able to stay rich. High unemployment is good for companies, because workers are more willing to work under much worse conditions and for smaller wages. Food insecurity only hits the poor anyway, so they get a sufficiently strong signal that they have done something wrong. Life expectancy isn’t really important, because Americans want to be rich, and not old. The prison population is irrelevant, because prisoners aren’t humans anyway. And math? Hey, everybody hates math anyway, so who cares about bad results in student performance surveys? America is great, because America is great! And freedom, and democracy and SUVs! 😀

  2. Some of us have been watching this in action for 30 years. It’s the result of the relentless assault of the republicans engineered by the same Prescott Bush and his corporate allies who tried to overthrow FDR.

    Had advancing technology not created the internet and enabled “little brother” we would have remained in complete ignorance, and Jebby boy would be Emperor of America in which the corporations could do no wrong.

    But that same advancing technology is disrupting the Bush master plan and it will lead to the end of the corporate empire.

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