Sex and Gaming – 3DKink

Graphics: (8/10)
Sincerity: (6/10)
World: (2/10)
Rule Systems: (3/10)
Mechanics: (6/10)
Combat: (0/10)
Socializing: (1/10)
Interface: (7/10)
Player Interactability: (1/10)
Erotic Tension: (8/10)
Consistency: (7/10)

3D Kink has itself a nice little business model here. Anyone who has a look at it should have the sense to see its a scam – play it, pay for every shitting micro-transaction you make in your lust crazed mind, and mutter *fuck* when going over your banking statements. I won’t, since I will demo it, and by the end of the week I’ll go to my bank and have any money withdrawals blocked and reversed. Fuck em, this is a scam and I can play that game too.

But if you have the money to spare and like masturbating on toons, by all means, it ain’t totally bad. The creators are scum and human hyena’s, but for some people the money you pay for this is worth the absolutely private comfort of getting aroused over total first person empowerment. In other words, make that toon your bitch and let her beg for it.

Yah, I admit, I found it enticing, (but I am an unmitigated nymphomanic freak with persistent arousal syndrome. And proud of it.) and by scene three I got a little hot and bothered.

So what do you get for a download?

! check your virus scanner. It gives off a warning and make doubly sure its worth the risk. I use a honeypot filter PC to run it, so for me the risk is manageable, but do not run this on a company or work related system, because it does something not totally clean.

For someone like me, who got near ludicrous autoerotic mileage out of Second Life, it is enticing. I’d say the levels of freedom and player interactivity are far superior in SL over this time. But in 3DKink, the avatar portrayed, the fairly decent backdrops, the versatity of sex toys – even the lugubrious commercial sneakyness of ‘earning’ the right to inflate your avatars breasts to baloon like proportions (or have her suck two guys at the same time) is pretty compelling. Yah, I’d go as far as say that even women who would like to watch porn might actually like to have a look at it.

The game starts by dressing an avatar toon. The base character frame is somewhat better than of Second Life (but just less versatile). It looks OK in terms of realism, but the number of choices is small initially. I switched it on, expecting to be disappointed. The interface took some experimentation but was actually pretty intuitive. Then the avatar got screwed in her ass, lamenting repetitively that ‘oh yah I like it in my ass’. That worked for me, and it doesn’t look all that bad, just beyond the uphill slope of the Uncanny Valley.

The ability to micromanage the sexual escapades of slut is something I like to see – not because I am a slut hating lesbian who wants to teach these sluts a lesson, but rather because I like to see men subtly associating their sexual desires with female avatars – it is healthy in my book that through a game such as this that sexually active men translocate their lust on a pretty woman on her knees sucking a penis. Not because they wanna shove it in – but because their will empathically associate that lust with the penis in their mouth. I am a bisexualism evangelist and I think this game is a silver bullet in spreading my unique gospel.

Another (and the main) reason to look at this is to determine how Second Life can assimilate features of this game, and gosh golly it certainly can. For starters. all you see in the game can and should be scripted out and commercialized as of today in Second Life. It seriously isn’t hard to render the scenic backdrops of this game in baked textures. Add sequenced animations and I am sure you can do better in terms of look and feel. Allow partipants to walk around, but restrict the experience through RLV and a HUD (that loads animations). Hide pose balls. Script a (far more sophisticated) storyline and make sure the animations line up perfectly, and after penetration the end of the penis become transparant (so it doesn’t poke through). Then finally, create a sculpted animation that allows the penis to wedge open mouth/vagina/ass in an animatomically compelling manner, add some kind of realistic textural effect for splatters of ejaculate and you can do in SL, far better and with nearly the same graphics as you can in 3DKink. Next year, if LL gets it act together and implements Meshes, this should be friggin easy.

Whats better, if done right – an sequence of these rooms would be frigging amazing business to run. I am looking at you Stroker. Or Xcite. If you like I can write you a design document analyzing howto set this up, say 3 days work at 10 euro an hour. The key is – let people begin with a dozen animations and let them earn more. Let them score lust points, and buy new goodies. Make it SL-circumventing and idiot proof. Better – allow players of any sexual combination to dig in, and make it work, even with threesomes and N. guy bukkakes. And then allow players some measure of personal expression, *make moaning sounds by presssing HUD buttons*, change the pose, or switch to branding animation sequences (character screws playmate doggie style – presses option/button 3B for doggie style, stays in the doggystyle but now plunges in a buttplug in his partner. Presto, contrived freedom to act, instantaneous empowerment of the person at home in his comfortable chair to do whatever it is he (she) needs to do and recurring customers.

Tension arcs people, tension arcs!

Don’t let these commercial money hound jackals from 3Dkink get away with this. I want at least several self-respecting commercial money hound jackals from Second Life to work together in a team, l pry the story driven, constrained porno puppet threater of 3DKink apart and reverse engineer it in Second Life – but better, bigger, harder. Because as you can guess, in the next years as graphics get better, demand (and opportunity for this niche of interactive fantasy) will increase and will displace conventional types of life actor based pornography. And of course, soon to be in 3D, without or without prehensile tail Na’Vi.

Other similar games.

For finalities sake – the game 3DKInk offers *laugh* an option that allows users to use a penis masturbation sleeve to be USB linked to your PC -and to the action on screen. Basicly – allowing the sleeve to to act as a haptic input device to the oscilatory pneumatic action of the onscreen erection. Talk about impulse buys.

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As you can see, the makers of these games are throwing out a nice little dragnet.