Rudimentary Hibernation Nature

Hypothetically speaking – If I’d have an evolved genetic behavior that

1 – used to be a functional adaptation in the Pleistocene world,
2 – is now an atavism
3 – I share this adaptation with many people
4 – These people are routinely discriminated because of having this adaptation

Then I think those who suffer from such a problem should get organized and defend against persecution. This is not necessarily a disorder. I can drug myself to the point of damaging my body if I had a genetic predisposition, but rather I think I shouldn’t, even though ‘society’ will in fact persecute me and stigmatize me of I do.

The disorder I refer to is SAD, or “seasonally affective disorder” – and it clearly exhibits the qualities of being a residual evolved of hibernation behavior. Having this genetic makeup is a reason for severe economical damage, ostracism, persecution or scapegoating. People with SAD are routinely mis-characterized as ‘lazy’.

I’d say people with a ‘Rudimentary Hibernation Nature’ should unionize against societal bullying.