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Can you explain the petrodollar and its impact on our collapse?
I had heard that we went from gold to fiat, then used fine print in the EPA charter to use federal lands as collateral for our federal debt. And now we have nowhere else to go but to protect the petrodollar, print money, and to do secret trade deals like use insider bond rate change information before they are released to the public.
Why do we start phony wars to protect the petrodollar, even though that doesnt seem effective?

Rambling Reply
Those in charge are slaves to a completely abstract system. It is a neurological disorder that’s very fundamental to the way humans evolved over the last ten thousand years.
Humans used to be savanne apes that collected fish, grubs, roots and some fruit by wandering around. They used to be pretty small creatures and not overly intelligent or able for abstract though or cooperative effort.. At the end of the Holocene these primitives numbered a few tens of million worldwide and these creatures would have been labelled as psychologically unhinged by today’s standards. Most these nomad lineages of humans still have the same neurological predispositions, the most common variant being a severe tendency towards ADHD.
However then humans were compressed into new competitive environments very quickly because of sudden glacial melt. In a matter of decades millions of nomads were forced into substantially smaller regions and forced in to territorial displacement. This triggered an ever exponential race for survival, where societal pathologies emerged as coping mechanisms for extending genes.
There has been an ongoing conflict in our genes to turn the species programmable. This makes perfect sense in a bigger context, as a diversification in the species between castes of servitors, and a caste of more intellectually capable elites is a functional division. However that never really worked well, as the human biological architecture can’t expand very well – the brain is stuck with constraints of blood flow, oxygenation, nourishment acquisition and digestion, and most of all the problems with the spine, neck, jaw and throat alignment. In evolutionary terms this is all very complex but it means that evolution is moving really fast, almost at ludicrous speed, to try and come up with an ever faster rate of competitive conflict between humans.
This is what always happens when a species attains pest-levels of ecosphere dominance. Humans are evolutionary so successful that the rate of mutation pushing for competitive (or predatory) variance in the species has reached epidemic proportions. In animal species that meant that the “hawks” always cleaned out the “dove” variants and displaced them. In the human species we have seen this happen – genetic lineages of humans that lived in medieval villages went for the better part extinct and today’s (caucasian!) homo sapiens is 99% the genetic heir of humans that lived in cities. They checked medieval ossuaries in cities and villages and tested the genetic markers against living humans and the signs were clear and genocidal – city folk lived, and any nomadic or rural strains all went extinct.
This created a species with certain genetic predispositions, of which statist programmability of people is one main feature. In other words – the state is a fairly novel “hack” in survival strategies of homo sapiens.
Current human psychology is far from rational. We are deeply irrational species, as opposed to how we perceive ourselves. Our perceptions, our memories, or theories of the world, our beliefs – our very bedrock of consciousness – only exists in extremely narrow context.
This allows a certain category of (themselves borderline demented) people to trick the docile strains. These forms of trickery have become instinctive, and the end result is often a fairly obvious form of hypnotic suggestion using fairly self-evident clues. Study with a storyteller, a hypnotist and a stage magician for a few years and you’ll spot what politicians, religious leaders, bankers and media figures do constantly to control masses.
This trick has reached its absolute saturation point. Our world is a giant experiment in hacking human psychology, and the strategy is so painfully obvious that even the most stupid imbeciles are starting to notice. Only a huge timber blockage of cognitive dissonance is keeping us all from pain acknowledging this. Internet as a cultural phenomenon is working quite hard as a mechanism of disenchantment of this mind control spell.
Money is just another evolutionary-instinctive mechanism, much like how birds build nests. Most humans gather articles of trading mediators in an instinctive fashion, from shells to salt to gold. It is ritualized gene driven instinctive behavior, but you can only push this instinct so far before the enchantment paradigm breaks. It is breaking, and the people who created the current system are not mentally capable of fully acknowledging this transitional stage.
I don’t know what comes next, much as a nest-building bird, or a dam building otter wouldn’t fully sense what would come in an environment that simply doesn’t allow for construction of these forms of nests. We are creating a world where the evolutionary hoarding algorithm that makes us do this magpie-like symbol hoarding activity can no longer function.
A magpie, an otter, a bird – any animal that does a single trick as keystone for any form of self-organizational mechanism can’t see the instinctive cycle. Its too much central to the behavioral core. But when the premise falls away, the most interesting evolutionary advances may occur.