Red versus Blue – PanDemonism

Premise: This Red versus Blue debate is the first of several delineating what is almost impossible to delineate. The basic premise is somewhat of a counterposition to that of Cosmism. I intend to argue Cosmicism, and ask the question whether or not the universe is a horrific place and the odds are stacked against us – and the only meaning for us as posthuman is if we transform ourselves into something so post-moral that we in effect as a human species become (insofar we don’t spawn) something ‘demonic’ or ‘lovecraftian’. My position today is not whether or not this is desirable – the question I wish to ask is whether or not this is just the universe we are in. Is our universe inherently non-Utopian, genocidal and (by and large) horrible?

Childhood is over guys 🙂

Red: The universe is conflict. If we won’t find aliens who will attempt exterminate us we will end up becoming a fuedal, warlike species of half recognizable tentacles post human monstrosities. TransHumans will colonize the stars and shortly afterwards an endless war will begin, and PostHuman species will be just as methodically callous and genocidal as a lion devouring an antilope alive in the African savanne.

Nature, Nature, Nature

Blue: Conflict based intelligence will go extinct. The universe will be filled with peaceful, utopian and very happy future posthumans. Zero sum conflict and war was just a brief transitional phase in human history from animals to posthumans. The universal norm is cooperative and non-conflict based.

Time/Date: Saturday 21 November, 13:30 SLT, about 60-90 minutes.

Location : Delinquent 213, 200, 742, SLURL


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4 thoughts on “Red versus Blue – PanDemonism

  1. Wow Lovecraft vs Clarke (perhaps Stapledon?)

    Of course there will be both red and blue. Peaceful utopias AND callous monstrosities. Call it violet?

  2. It will be a mix. Groups that polarize (Luddites, and extreme self-modifyers) will go into conflict with each other, seeing each other as demons against their own worldview (aka christianity vs wicca, abortion vs pro-life, etc). They will eventually get so radical that they will commit atrocities and become horrified at the monsters they themselves have become. They then will reach a syncretic synthesis that moves the large wave of change forward, while most people will be moderates who spend their time in the moderate middle trying to ride the wave and making their lives as utopian as possible given their own limitations.

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