Red versus Blue

This is a new instalment of the “Red versus Blue” presentation series geared for Second Life (or in other places). These presentations will have a real world component somewhere next year with me holding presentations on these topics (on video *cough*) in Amsterdam, for a select audience.

This is me behaving myself more than I used to.

I did the First attempt at Red versus Blue debate format on saterday 4 September 2010 and a lot happened since then. Here I am, more than a year later in 2011, hosting talks in virtual world, debating, updating prototypes, cross-platform, in photoshop, wordpress, SL forum, SL building tools, OCE discussion posts, text chat and soon, with a team of dear friends gearing up to hold these presentations for an audience of interested people in the real world.

So What Is REDversusBLUE ?
Red versus Blue is a new debate format I intend to host in Second Life, as training precursors and communications/presentations device in Second Life. It is a new style of hosting debate, a new style of making people look at complex issues. It is changing every time until it settles so look closely at this page as time progresses.

Location: SLURL
Time: XX GMT

How do I get inside Second Life?
You need a client, of which I recommend Firestorm, and you need to create an account. Then you may need to enable access to mature sims in advance. If you are not accustomed to Second Life please do so in advance. It will take you about 10 hours to get some level of situational awareness going in SL, so do prepare.

Also I may organize these events in Teleplaces, using friendly resources there. Creating an accoount of Teleplaces will be somewhat tricky so do make sure you have access (and have an up-to-date client!) in advance. I may in fact host the same event streamed from teleplaces to Second Life and vice versa. This will become interesting if I have presentations with pre-recorded audio components (wav, stream, youtube and/or podcasts) and after-the-event recordings in Youtube, all available in the indicated format inside Second Life as well as Teleplaces.

I am open to discussion and interruption, I’l be less open to outright insults and trolling. I am also a little cautious about excesses of Drama. If you can’t handle full control of your emotions, do not take part of these events. Sure, you can pretend being furious during these events, but if I ask you in private chat ‘are you in control’ and you give me lip, you will be summarily banned. I love ‘emulated drama’. I am somewhat allergic to hysteria. I do enough of that in my own life thank you very much, don’t need it in events I run. So come to the events being prepared to be an actor, a spokesperson, a shill, maybe even a deceiver (or a machiavellan) but do not come as a fool, a douche, a simpleton or a bozo. Hell you even have some leeway constructively trolling me, to make a point. You can even protest, insofar it adds to the debate. But as so as you impair the debate, prepare to face the full consequences of my seething resentment. These debates have a purpose. If you detract from this purpose go away detract somewhere else.

The goal is to have these events several times every week. Time and Location will be presented at the top, and time will be presented in CET (central european time), GMT (Greenwhich meridian) and SLT (Second Life Time, congruent with San Francisco or Pacific Time). Friendly events are those on sunday (Bryce, Ivy, Serendipity), those of Extropia and the ones of Rhiannon. I may touch with the meetings with either Bryce or Serendipity on Saterdays, so either may cut mine short. My preferred days for meetings if I have them will be Sundays, Tuesdays, Thursdays.

I may do the same event topic a second time, to see how the debate evolves, or how other takers run with it. That means, run more or less the same format a few days later, but with somewhat ‘slicked up’ statements and ‘inciting statements’.

Freedom of expression. Crocker’s Rules. Maturity. Humor. Moderation. Humor. Irony. Ambiguity. Standup Comedy. Entertaining the other guy. Confontation. The bigger picture. Uplift. Thesis, Antithesis, Synthesis. Context. Research. Yes, but.

Ulterior Motive
Progress, renewel, technolibertarianism, future, hope, change, aspiration, ambition, idealism, technology, solutions, engineering, interaction desig, intelligent design, transparancy, signal to noise ratio, transparancy, wikinomics, hacking, obsolescence, morphology, nymity, industrial design, ergonomics, logistics, sustainability, ecopoetics, resilience economics, empowerment, taking responsibility, communion, fucking, radical empowerment, radical democratization, cyborg generation, uploading, uplifting, nourishing, protecting, love, cherishing, sharing, abundance, feeding, fun, geoethical, happy, orgy, community, exploration, growth, voyage, destination, zen, culture.