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…protest, revolution, unionization, civil unrest, crime, occupy and sabotage are just as much features of supply & demand as wage fluctuations, irreversible unemployability, prisons, law enforcement crackdowns, environmental destruction, biosphere die-off, climate weirding and the end costs of products. Make living conditions less bearable for people, and no matter how much propaganda and denial you hurl at them, at some point the resulting fallout of the pervasive desperation must translate in income redistribution, if no to help people become more economically competitive or (if the latter proves impossible under existing market conditions) to somehow provide for minimum, dignified living conditions. The democratic experiment will prove irreversible, despite attempts to make it go away by people who do not like democracy. History is about increasing recognition on part of human beings to have a decent live, regardless of how little they are in demand by free markets. History has an indelible progressive bias.

Khannea SunTzu, 2012.