Putin’s goal

I am calling it. What Putin is doing ONLY makes sense if he first takes conventional warfare as far as he expanding russian territory can take it and THEN do he and China do a first strike nuclear attack on the US and Western Europe, hoping for the best.

He first depletes his own forces, and then accepts nuclear winter and tries to completely obliterate the west. Russia and china are both in systemic collapse. He will NOT accept the west to piecemeal tear apart and devour russia in the next decades.

Putin thinks he has nothing to lose, and that a partially devastated Russia is better than a dismantled one. My guess he will launch within 3 months, just shy of winter. I think there’s less than a 50% chance I will see my next birthday in 2023. Amsterdam is a primary target.

He would probably use heavily salted nukes to create mostly impassable irradiated barriers in Poland, Roemenia, Armenia. Turkmenistan – closing down those lands for occupation and advancing armies.. He’ll almost certainly target South Korea and Japan.