Prediction – we are one decade away from procreation quota

I am witnessing the signs all around – even though birth rates are low in many most developed countries, we still have very fast and objectively unsustainable birth rates in most of the world. Making babies is still beyond discussion, let alone critique, but my prediction is that we will soon herald a major paradigm shift.

I am against “historical” (fascist) eugenics. I am against inflicting suffering or punitive, vengeance-based legislation. I am vehemently against tyranny and for a better, more fact based democracy. I am all for freedom. But we as a human species have long since entered the era where we have entered complete unsustainability in terms of global human procreation.

Thus my prediction is this will end in less than two decades, and we will witness a major political shift in a decade. This will primarily be spurred by rich nations that increasingly become terrified of waves of immigrants and the perceived (if not plausible) societal disruption and dehumanization of labour as a result of such immigration. Rich nations will come to realize the hard truth that immigration will increase exponentially, largely because of climate change and technological unemployment hurtling the developing nations in to an abyss of poverty. Starving and desperate people will move – in numbers exponentially bigger than they already do.

I am for freedom, and that included the freedom of people to live somewhere else. But I am selfish, and if I perceive that such migration plausibly threatens my standard of living and sense of entitlement I will, like hundred of millions in richer nations, come to resent and vote against this migration. Yes, this instinct is largely a racist instinct, but there are some practical sides to the feeling you don’t want your country overrun by people with radically different values.

This will spur a decade, and quite soon, of rich nations demanding lower birth rates, and quite soon development aid will become a major instrument of global reproductive quota. So there you have it – we have reached a point where people will start waking up and start demanding constraints to other people’s freedoms. I can’t sugarcoat this prediction – we live on a finite planet, and we are routinely witnessing the freedoms of the many encroach on the freedoms of the few. The unconstrained freedom to reproduce is encroaching thus as an exponential rate and I predict it will end well before 2040. One way or another, the other way historically has always been through massive deaths. We may have to come to accept that we will do this legislatively, since the other alternative is categorically unacceptable.