Pegida is a anti Islam, anti-immigration, anti-EU group. From what I’ve seen it’s major part poor white trash, a segment of clear skinhead/hooligan types, older xenophobic men and confused anti-refugees/AZC activists. There was a protest not far from my home, and I shot a video while eating an ice cream. The protest was nominally non-violent, but do notice the overwhelming police presence – there were a dozen or more horses, biked police, patrol police, over a dozen heavy armored riot police cars, cars with police dogs, normal police cars and I believe two helicopters. I overheard there were left wing radicals, mostly AFA in the area (which leads frequently to a kerfuffle, sometimes quite violent so).
I cuddled the horses – they are so sweet – and some confused reporters tried interviewing me while I kept explaining about “Ingress” – so they had to snicker after like four minutes of confusion when I explained that no, I am not associated with Pegida. They were looking intensely at the screen, probably assuming the intricate flickering lights and sounds were part of the organization of Pegida. I told them “I am with ingress”, which they assumed I had something to do with Pegida, and I kept explaining “I’m on the blue team”.

I deny any involvement with AFA, or being a video recording “infiltrant” of AFA. I am a blue in Ingress!

* Arrests