NecroSecurity / NecroCapitalism

Necrosecurity, Immunosupremacy, and Survivorship in the Political Imagination of COVID-19Research ArticleMartha Lincoln© 2021 Martha Lincoln, published by De Gruyter. This work is licensed under the Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 International Abstract: The neologism ‘necrosecurity’ describes the cultural idea that mass death among less grievable subjects plays an essential role in maintaining social welfare and […]

The strangeness of Twitter

Recently dutch party FvD lost senate elections and went effectively down from 14 to 2 seats. This party was involved in a large number of schandals, and yet a small fringe of allegedly confused folks persist in supporting this party. Twitter is a forum for free debate and freedom of expression. We should scrutinize political […]

Buoyant structures in the atmosphere of Venus

There has been a wealth of concept art of balloons exploring or even human colonizing the upper atmosphere of Venus, where pressure as well as temperature is Earth somewhat median. These designs tend to involve classical balloons, or some fairly mundane variant thereoff. These would operate in a region in the Venusian atmosphere corresponding to […]

These are demands of the developed world

(edited) All Russian troops in Ukraine immediately cease all active combat. Russian soldiers that break this ceasefire shall be immediately be arrested and surrendered to UN peacekeepers without delay.   All russian troops inside Ukraine surrender immediately to Ukrainian troops.   Russia and Ukraine both immediately invite UN peacekeepers into the country.   Russian soldiers […]