Printing human replacement parts as a garage/boutique industry.

Stage one (3? years away)
Printing medium size periferal bones and simple tissues such as bladders with compatible rejection spectra and implanting them in mostly anyone who can afford this. We are almost there.

Stage one (6? years away)
Larger muscle groups, regeneration scaffold for organ fields (partial livers), short bits of nerve cells, more complex bone structures

Stage one (9? years away)
Small parts of damaged brain), generation of genetically ‘scrubbed’ (debugged) stem cell cultures.

Stage one (12? years away)
All of the above where the genes of implanted parts have been altered as to remove congenital genetic flaws. Designing most these parts in small boutique laboratories. Printing these parts (effectively) in desktop/boutique organprinters.

Stage one (15? years away)
Printing “Bioroid” parts – hybrid synthetic functionalities embedded in grafted organs. Parts with ‘enhanced’ features. Weaponization of vatgrown implants.

Stage one (18? years away)
The post scaffold age – printing hybridized cybernetic/genetic upgrades all of the above ‘ready to go’.

Stage one (21? years away)
Printing parts with new neurological functions.

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