Oil belongs in Hell

Oil is a godsend. Seriously, oil is amazing. It is the biggest cake not just in history – it is the biggest gift since the Goddess invented plate tectonics. And guess what, humans since the Hindenburg have measured everything by the context of this affluence.

All things in our current world are taken for granted in measure to the abundance provided by oil. Oil has become the singlemost determining zero state plateau of normalcy and its cost is the final arbiter of success and failure. The consequences of this arbitrage are discounted or ruthlessly discredited, because King Oil governs with a velvet glove wrapped around an industrial steel bar.

Countries are predated upon in measure which how much oil they have and how little oil-derived military apparatus they lack. Take Iran – a lot of oil, and very little military apparatus. Take Israel; almost no oil, and a mosty ignored nuclear infrastructure enough to incinerate (read : final solution) the whole middle east several times over.

Oil is a person, and his name is Lucifer. Oil is condensed hell. Visualise the burning deserts of Kuwait to see the satanic face of what oil has done to this world. The world is saturated with consumption, toxicity, debris, entitlements and overpopulation as a result of its Satanic legacy.

If I were an alien species that was dead set on proactively destroying humanity, like a few tens of millions of years ago, I would have left “convenient” reserves of oil in various planet on the planet. Oil is precisely that – it has proven a collective heroin-like death trap to the future of the human species. After you have a taste you can never live without, and the only discernible end result is Existential Threat.