My Unleashed Guide

Referring to this party in club Panama.

The Unleashed party was well-organized, beautiful. The music was excellent. It was not nearly as much a squallorous mess as Wasteland. The party was inundated with searingly beautiful 20s 30s 40s year olds. Most people there were visibly high on speed, GHB and ecstacy. There was some minor sexual activity here, but barely worth mentioning when compared to Wasteland. Wasteland was a filthy sexual zoo – Unleashed was a simmering fetish laden pressure cooker of beauty and barely suppressed desire.

I do not recommend going there if you are unattractive or older, especially when you go alone. This is a party set for the beautiful people crowd, for fetishists, for swingers, for latex people. It is not a party for mundanes and civilians. This is a party hard place. Expect to dance, dance, dance and shine like a star.

Having said this, I will never use Ecstacy again. I went bad halfway and spend the night shivering, soaking up nigh unbearable impressions of people. Nearly everyone was pretty, and i was in a small bubble of personal hell. Pacing back and forth at times, trembling in a chair, etc. I had someone really lovely and nice with me, and I effectively ruined her night, for which I can barely apologize. You need to physically quite healthy to go to these venues, and I wasn’t in equilibrium. Great lesson for the future.

I hope I’ll do better next time.