My (preliminary) Wasteland Guide

This is a largely NSFW and not child safe post. Proceed with caution.

Early November 2014 I was talking to an old friend on chat and I mentioned Wasteland, and that I might go April 2015. I assumed Wassteland 2014 was already past. Then I read the actual date and my heart chokes in my chest. Before I could actually doubt my decission I had purchased an E-ticket. I was instantly left in a searing and overwhelming blend of anxiety and raging euphoria. I had since the 1990s wanted to go, and couldn’t because of financial, external and health context. Now I could and I would. Holy shit!! I was going to Wasteland. I had almost unbearable expectations, fears, loves, desires.

So sure 19 November 2014 I went to Wasteland. Now I am not new to this scene. I am experienced in a fairly broad range of fetish, kink, BDSM, wild sex and swinging. A few weeks ago I went to the club Mystique all night and I had a gruesome, almost dehumanizing amount of sex there. And in case anyone transsexual here wonders, yes I use Cyproteron and Oestrogen pasties, no I haven’t had GRS, yes I am living full RLE for several years and yes I have the F in my passport.

I respect that most transsexuals are more demure creatures, not as prone to outrageous passions as I am. Using any of several Androcur variants inhibits the testosterone driven “male” sex drive. In other words – “baseline” females and males have a sexuality with definitive urges and those urges by necessity have a different development curve for M2F transsexuals. So in really down to earth terms, unless you like to “take it up the ass”, “you just happen to like fetishistic experiences” or BDSM, or you like to give (or receive) blowjobs, the particular party scene may not be for not for you as a transsexual.

I am not inclined to start apologizing for me liking all or most of these experiences. On good days that is and some days are better than others.

Primarily people go to Wasteland, I conjecture, to watch other people, be watched (narcissism) or dance. But as far as I am free top experience that, such and such I would characterize a waste of a good 50 euro ticket.

For starters – Wasteland is fucking crowded, maybe too crowded. Second, it’s extremely difficult to to get there without a car. SIMPLY DO NOT GO THERE unless you have vehicular transportation, or a hotel (or another safe zone) very close by.

I was driven there by a very nice guy, in the company of a 30+ starter transsexual (evie) and an experienced younger (25 yo) transsexual. Four of us arrived in what is essentially a catastrophically crowded mess of people, with way-too-small lockers (don’t bring an excess of stuff like I did!) and crowding and an assortment of people experienced and inexperienced dressing up ina festival-carnival ambiance of shops and people and spectators and kinksters. Within minutes upon arrival you see a few familiar faces, you see bare naked people. Not long after you see sexual acts, starting out subtly but escalating throughout the night.

Wasteland is about half a “gay” party. It attracts a lot of the traditionally gay crowd. That shouldn’t be not an issue. As a blanket polar statement “gay guys” don’t bother with me mostly (unless it’s in a darkroom and they are so horny they don’t care fucking a transsexual) but for the rest of people it’s mostly couples that degenerate in to an ever worse state of euphoria. The rest (about 15-25%) is the lonely hearts crowd of people that come to jerk off in a corner.

For Wasteland the formula is you wear sexy. That’s a rule. You go in sexy, exciting, mysterious, kinky or dished out in full body covering latex. Some people come there to simply stagger around in intricate fetish gear (with some difficulty as the girl in latex might be wearing a butt plug and inside locked penis all evening) around. These fetishists can be assumed to be in a near constant state of sexual arousal, with little opportunity for release.

Wasteland is not for the majority of human beings on the planet, even if said people were in the most youthful, pretty and healthy state in their respective lives. I know people that get viciously annoyed by the mere mention of people entertaining a lifestyle such as the one espoused in such environments. I can only say that it takes a pretty strong joy-de-vivre and generally passionate, adventurous mood.

Just put on something that gets you in and you’ll get in grinning. And then spend 30-50 euro on drinks (I drink only tapwater) and just have little expectations beyond that. Even if you have no expectations, definitive goals or ambitions, you’ll be surprised. You’ll see people experiencing pretty feral sexual experiences left or right. If you walk in the dark rooms you’ll see fairly pornographic straight on fucking.

People on Wasteland inhabit the “prettier-than-average” spectrum. If you are obese, don’t go there (unless you are a stage act). Most people are sexy, many are attractive, a few are acutely handsome to downright achingly pretty. I saw young girls barely over admittance age (21) getting viciously oralized and giving experienced blow jobs in the middle of the dance floor with a passion I found intoxicating. I saw a woman getting fucked by at least three guys at the same time, in a stark ravingly crazy delerious state of sexual frenzy.

I also saw half visible, mediocre, boring people who are prowling around for a chance to get laid somewhere, or just connect. It takes all kinds on Wasteland and the point is YOU SHOW you go the mile to contribute. Nobody gives a flying fuck about some homely 50 year old banking clerk in a dark bondage gear series of straps that just stands in a corner and waits until something happens. Unless that cleric wears something off the cuff. You go to Wasteland to see and be seen, to acknowledge and be acknowledged. You go there to shine as a human being, to sexually excel, to be an incandescent flame of narcissism and group spirit and absolutely no shame.

Wasteland bears mentioning Extacy. I am sorry but millions of people in the Netherlands use drugs on a near weekly basis. Personally I rarely use drugs, this wasteland I did. I went there stoned on 200 mg modafinil and (initially) another 80mg of MDMA (Mollie). Yes a sizeable percentage of people on Wasteland pops pills. Or poppers, alcohol, cocaine, amphetamine and an assortment of more esoteric substances. This is simply fact, and some might want to deny it, gloss over it, or whine about it, but the facts won’t change. This amount of human excess prompts considerable attention from security (and there’s a lot around) and medical staff. People who lie motionless are checked within minutes. Yes, a few people get carried away on stretchers, completely dehydrated, fucked out of their skull, zonking on a cocktail of alcohol or drugs, bruised, sprained or in the throes of vicious anxiety attacks. This isn’t amateur hour partying. Diving in to the deep end of wasteland is not for the unenlightened.

My conclusions for a new Wasteland – drive there. Next time I’ll wear better shoes that don’t constrict my blood flow in which I can dance. Next time I won’t take E at all (and probably top up to 300mg modafinil) and make better plans for imbibing fluids. My party mates seriously saved my ass with beverages, since I was dancing like I was on fire. If I can make any suggestion, take E only after you are inside and acclimitized. For an average weight human 100mg is a heavy starter dose. Depending on your wapping taste, most sex on Wasteland occurs around the second half of the night. Personally I like Dark Rooms quite a bit, but not on E. Too intense.

In general don’t go to alone unless you are somewhat experienced in this. Go with friends. Make solid appointments with your friends and meet at least once every two hours, to maintain a sense of psychological connectedness. ESPECIALLY if you do drugs.

Depending on what route you intend to take, Wasteland is an expensive hobby. Including drinks, drugs, tickets and gear, depend to spend 100-150 per party. If you are a long time party person, sure you’ll spend less, but initial entry costs can be steep. I spend about 500 on everything ( I have a very persistent latex fetish – and I didn’t even get to buy my own drinks.

If you want to go with us as a large group, email me at khannea.suntzu@gmail. I believe the next Wasteland is 11 April and I’ll damn sure make sure to be there. Depending on your tastes you might also go Mystique (they have a mixed crossdresser/trans night every month – mostly for sex) Dominatrix, Unleashed, BITCH, LittleSins, Kinky Paradise, AlterEgo, Toxxic, Showboat. Beyond that there’s a clutter of smaller venues I won’t mention here and personally I won’t be able to afford. Unless of course this article inspires you and you want to buy me tickets 😛

If you have any questions, just email away.