Money Rules

Let’s play a money game by changing the rules. Other than changing the rules and abrogating corporations to be recognized private persons, the rules of the game when it comes to money will be this:

1. States recognize all people holding a citizenship as voters in a democratic process where one person has one vote.
2. State governments are elected by a democratic electroral process.
3. The state recognizes basic human rights for citizens and noncitizens.
4. Citizens can fairly secede from a state and claim a portion of territory with them to form a new state if a vast majority of people such regions wish so.
5. Every human being is free to travel.
6. The voting population must in majority agree with every state-ordained tax.
7. No state can refuse travelers
8. A state is held to give all its citizens a basic income. It can only act to keep our excessive immigration with a fair tax to all as well as giving (only) its citizens a basic income.
9. Every citizen is free to create a bank and a state shall put in no unfair impediment to its citizens starting a bank.
10. All humans have a right to express to views and opinions.
11. All humans are free to engage in communication with any other human, as well as other humans are free to refuse or ignore communication directed at them.
12. A state can tax banks but must do so equitably.
12. A state can allow a non-citizen to run a bank in its sovereignty.
13. A state must condone a citizen to run a bank in its sovereignty.
14. A state cannot take away a citizenship from its own citizens or any other state from any person.
15. All persons can claim a world citizenship. Nations without functioning democratic government become protectorate of the world government until the points its citizens are free to secede.
16. A bank must publish the characteristics of the money it issues.
17. A bank must publish how much money it has issued.
18. A bank can issue as much money it wants.
19. Any store or provider of service can arbitrarily sets its proces in any coin.

In an age of automated banking this having multiple (or even many) money systems is no problem at all. I can have a wallet with hundreds of types of coin and I can decide to use these coins as I see fit. I can decide to spend the one single coin type that gets me the best mileage when purchasing goods.

If a state over-taxes a bank, or its citizens they are free to organize in a specific area and secede. This is a considerable threat to any nation to not deflate money through inflation.