Right now the dialogue is run by radical, offensive and hypersensitive statements. The norm is exagerration. People exaggerate, how bad their life is, how “demonic” transgenders are and that “they will kill god”. How much they are under siege from liberal media. How they are coming to take away their guns. How their kids face rape my migrants. The discourse in the media is colored by people who consistently exaggerate to make a point about how urgent certain matters are.

I label these people “milksnakers”. They are fakers, fake “don’t tread on me” types. People who have all these realistic looking BB guns. People who scream Trump Trump Trump only to illicit an emotional response with the people they hate.

A milksnake is a snake that pretends being poisonous but isn’t. It’s a harmless animal.


The one snake is a milksnake and the other is a faker “I am ooohw sooo dangerous” loser snake. They are generally bullies who only bully in a crowd.

So next time you spot someone massively exaggerating his or her plight, how dangerous he or she is, how they’ll vote for the nastiest, most fascist politician loudmouth around, how much guns they have, how they used to serve in this-or-that mercenary voice, you call them “milksnakes”. Fakers.