Migration, Refugees. I am very pessimistic about it.

In a perfect world migrants would all be quite lovely people who integrate instantaneously, are open and eager to adopt to other cultures, modes of though, varied spiritual values, alternative lifestyles, women’s sexual rights and freedoms, modernity. They are all really entrepreneurial and self-supporting hard workers and most go back to their country of origin when it quieted down, after a few years.

In a perfect world modern democracies would be well-equipped to mobilize the electorate to help, the people would be rational, educated and proactively involved , the system would process refugees in a few weeks, the system would have a very high rate of distinguishing between a very small percentage of free riders and the majority of utterly decent and moral upstanding refugees – and people smugglers would very quickly be arrested and put in prison.

We live in a mostly imperfect world, and Merkel is a cow, the EU and UK politicians are a bunch of wankers and I fuck don’t understand what everyone is doing.

And you know what is far far far far worse? The fact that this immigration and refugee crap we are seeing now is just a very small trickle compared to the fuck all unsustainable mass exodus we are going to see in a decade or two. If you think Europeans and Americans are “a bit vexed now” when it comes to migration, well get ready for a whole generation of Trump voters, world wide, concentration camps, walls, barbed wire fences, fully automated drone kill patrols, nerve gas, minefields and police state. This could get abysmally ugly unless we wake up and start planning right now.

Read and shudder