Mean average catchup time (MACT)

Hypothetically speaking – imagine if 100 people were magically transported from the November 2001 (10 years ago) you’d find that these people would have to learn a minimal number of things to catch up. The time required to catch up, on average fo these hundred people can be represented as a percentage.

In other words – for 100 people (on average) to catch up when ‘magically transitioned’ 10 years from the past, might be as high as 5%. In other words – it would take about half a year for these people to ‘revalidate’ to our age, in order to be functional citizens. Poeple from 2011 would not be able to fully function, and catching up would take quite some time.

If I would take a person from the year 1950 and magically transport that person to 1960 the percentage would be a lot lower. Also for longer leaps forward the percentage rizes as well = an average person taken from 1911 taken to 2011 would probably have to revalidate for years to be able to function in modern day society.

We can not test this under statistically neutral conditions (the experiment would be intensely cruel) but we can speculate on it, and I’ll share two very implications with you.

1. the MACT is rizing over time : the percentage of time to revalidate people moved into a future is increasing.
2. Very soon the percentage will so high that even normal transitioning people in to the future will require ‘revalidation’.

I.e. we can hypothetically measure degree of Future Shock as a function of recuperation time for average people.

Now what is most troubling is that percentage of people who cannot catch up. I have been referring to ‘average selections of people’ – but as we all know watching ageing people muck around with their VCR (I am also control challenged – watch me howl in frustration at operating my Xiron) we should be able to envision the percentage of people who can not keep up, no matter how much time they spend on revalidation.

We as a society have no fair mechanism to anticipate drop-out (ism). If the MACT rizes sharply, we’ll find a sharply expanding segment of the population enter in to a catastrophic traumatic state. This may get dangerous – these people might shut down, resort to pathological behavior, turn Luddite or start voting extremist reactionary. Or worse, take kaczynski as an example.

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