Love, Truth, Beauty and Good

Love would be the intend to provide sustenance, patience and share resources. Love is to give without expectation to receive back, or even in the face of adversity. Love is to see Truth, Beauty and Good in the other even if the other does not acknowledge it in the self.

Beauty is the living and creation of patterns, existence, future and potential without compromise, for its own sake. Beauty is the fomentation of what is true, what is good, what is lovely (and loving) in the other.

Truth is the creation of patterns and conveyance of statement in concordance with fact, as well as viability. Truth is stating which is of true, of meaning, what needs to be said or what must be done to make actions in concordance with good, love and beauty.

Goodness is the act as well as the qualities of things, states, persons or entities as to be happy and make things progressively ever better. That which is truly Good is Good for all.

Let all the be united in the highest element – Extropia!