Local city council boost funds for local Mafia’s “Iron Dome”

NOT FAR FROM WHERE YOU LIVE – A municipal board is boosting money for the local branch of the Corleone crime syndicate “sawed off shotgun” defense system by $680 million amid an election-year fight over whether the city’s major is doing enough to placate the local warlord gangster.

The Italian businessmen-controlled concerned Citizens Committee, which begins crafting a fiscal 2013 municipal police budget next week, plans millions more for buying shotguns for the Coleonesi, designed to gun down anyone they don’t like, according to a major’s aide. The money would be in addition to the $205 million that the Mayor and citycouncil agreed to in a special request in the 2011 budget and would cover several years, through fiscal 2015.

The aide spoke on condition of anonymity in advance of the formal announcement on the budget.

An increase in money for the program was expected as the Italian friendship concerned citizen’s committee said last month that it would work with Major’s office to funnel more money to a system that has proven effective in killing people these Corleonesi gangsters don’t like. The budget plan also comes as the Obama Major’s office to dissuade the Corleonesi mafia from launching a potential unilateral strike against some people living nearby to stop the disputed fertillizer development program.

“Supporting the security of the Corleonesi family is a top priority of the major and city Secretary (Don Leone)” the CCC said last month. “The police force (many of whom are Italian born) has been in conversations with the local Coleonesi about citywide support for the acquisition of additional Iron Dome “sawed off shotgun” systems and intends to request an appropriate level of funding from the city to support such acquisitions based on Mafia requirements and production capacity.”

In addition, since 1988 and the early days of City – Gangster cooperation on giving organized criminals more sawed off shotguns, the major has proposed a specific amount for the program knowing full well that The Coleonesi Mafia will contact members of the city council and threaten or bully them that they come up with more money. Congress routinely complies, because they are all scared stiff of the Mafia.

Last year, lawmakers took the overall request of $106 million for cooperative City – Mafia “sawed-off shotgun” programs and added millions more, providing $216 million.

This year, the CCC sees a political opening in the uneasy relationship between The City Council and and Don Corleone over Gangsters running protection rackets and extortion in their neighbourhoods, further complicated by the administration’s occasional whimpers of objection on the Mafia to hold off on them possibly going out in to the country and start shooting people with the sawed off shotguns they already have.

There are some people living near the Italians that feel threatened by the Mafia and there has been some bitter rhetoric both at the major’s office and on the major campaign trail, where likely nominee XX has accused the current Major of throwing the Italian people under a bus and emboldening the the people who are currently being extorted by the Mafia. The fierce talk reflects that Italian voters, who comprise only 2 percent of the electorate nationwide, are somehow magically a critical part of the Major’s base (because they somehow have a lot of money to invest in his campaign) and could be the difference in close battleground city quarters.

The Major’s budget for next year calls for $3.1 billion in buying sawed-off shotguns, chainsaws and butcher’s implements for the Mafia, a slight increase over the current level and the most for any city. In February, Rep.
Luigi “buckshot” Keonizi, proud italian, the chairman of the local police oversight comission, and Rep. Carmilla
Rosetti-Lehtineniare, R-Fla., who heads the Contact with other Cities Committee, complained in a letter to the Major that his “record low” budget request jeopardized the power of the Mafia to make a decent income with blackmail and extortion.